Concealed Carry While Running or Working Out

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My wife and I love working out and going for runs. Because we have children we often can’t run together but rather take turns running.  I will run early in the morning and my wife will run later in the evening or vice versa. I recently heard of an attack on a person while they were going for a run.  After doing some research I found that people being attacked while doing physical activities outside is quite common.  

Turns out getting attacked by humans isn’t the only worry.  Depending on the area someone is jogging they can be attacked by dogs or wild animals.  In fact, I live close to the mountains and a wild cougar attacked a runner nearby. This got me thinking, what are the best ways to concealed carry while running?

The best ways to concealed carry while running can vary slightly depending on the outfit while running.  Although the most popular way to concealed carry while running is using a belly band as it provides excellent concealment with minimal movement. Let’s talk about some of the most popular ways to concealed carry while running.

Why Concealed Carry While Running?

Safety of course.  I work during the day so that leaves running early in the morning or later at night once my kids are in bed.  Early mornings and later in the night can be times where less people are around to deter attacks. Most people will never have to pull their weapon when concealed carrying while jogging or working out.  But it provides peace of mind. Similar to having a home security system. The percentage of homes with security systems with homes that are broken into are slim.  

There are a variety of ways to stay safe while running.  One of my favorites is to run with a dog. Nothing like detering would be attackers with a big scary dog that has got my back. But keep in mind the breed or size of a dog.  For example if I went running with a chihuahua, would be attackers probably won’t be deterred much. Or a poodle that is fluffy and nice may be less of a deterrent. But let’s be honest, not everyone has a dog or the right dog for running or maybe the dog is too old to run.  

Pepper spray or a self defense knife is another deterrent you can carry while running. Although pepper spray can take precision and timing.  In addition it can still leave me vulnerable to would be attackers. A self defense knife is another good option. Although it requires being within reach of the would be attacker and slashing. In addition being able to open the knife to be on the defensive end.  

Although these are great options, nothing tops the safety and security of concealed carrying a firearm while running or working out.  Let’s talk about the most popular ways to concealed carry a gun while running or working out.

4 Best Ways To Concealed Carry While running

  • Belly Band 
  • Fanny Pack
  • Concealed Carry Clothing
  • Open Carry

When I first heard that people concealed carry while running I thought it was crazy. How can someone concealed carry a gun while running?  I quickly learned that it is not impossible, in fact it is very doable. It is all about knowing the right things to do. For example getting the right gun.  Smaller guns tend to be easier to concealed carry while running. Smaller sized glocks are great for concealed carry. Glock 26 is a great option. Be aware of your local laws to ensure you have the proper concealed carry permits if necessary. 

Keep in mind running and working out created a lot of movement.  Having a gun strapped to your body and moving around or shifting is not safe.  Methods to concealed carry while running should include options that hold the gun firm in place.  In addition it requires positions that have less friction. Gun owners should keep in mind the placement of the gun should not interfere with the movement of running.  For example using a shoulder holster where the weapon is strapped near the armpit would get in the way. 

Belly Band

Belly band, arguably the best way to concealed carry while running for men and women. Belly band offer excellent concealment, especially in cases where people are moving alot.  What I like about the belly band method is that it is ultra secure. The belly band holds weapons snug in place and close to the body. In addition the belly band provides the functionality to place the gun in different places on the waist.  Sometimes I prefer to concealed carry on different areas of the waist. This method allows me to switch things up.   

Because the belly band is so popular, it can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Belly bands are easy to find correct sizes to fit different body types. In most cases I would not place the gun under my shirt, although while running I find this is a solid placement.  Be sure to practice your draw from the position you choose for the belly band.  

Belly bands protect the weapon. Because of the positioning of belly bands, they help prevent movement and would be attackers from taking the weapon.  Belly bands are very universal fitting in that they fit most firearms and often accommodate firearms in almost all sizes. Remember they are also adjustable to fit your specific needs.   

With that said, belly bands can have disadvantages to concealed carrying while running.  Belly bands can be hot. Because it holds tight to the body, it can trap in body heat causing more sweating.  Don’t be surprised if you sweat more than usual around the belly band area. With tucked in shirts, weapon accessibility can be difficult.  

Overall it is a great option while running.  Make sure to read reviews before pulling the trigger onna purchase.

Fanny Pack

When the term Fanny pack comes to mind, I think of a goody parent wearing a fanny pack walking around disneyland in the 90’s.  But don’t be fooled, this is 2020 and some fanny packs are designed specifically for concealed carry. That’s right, companies specifically design fanny packs to help men and women with concealed carry methods.  The key thing to remember here is to find a fanny pack that fits snug on your body and has strong retention.  

Concealed Carry Clothing

Yes, concealed carry clothing is a popular option while running.  This is not at the top of my list as clothing can be a bit more risky when it comes to the weapon moving around. Running shorts with conceal carry pockets are popular. Concealed carrying during the summer can be a bit tricky, but definitely doable.   I would be worried about the gun shifting out of concealed carry clothing.  But it is better than nothing.

Sling Bag

Sling bags are like backpacks but smaller and more compact.  They can be a great option to use while running. Although keep in mind accessibility of the weapon if you were attacked by a would be attacker.  Having to access a sling bag may take some extra time vs some of the other above options.  

Open Carry

When in doubt, open carry. Check your local laws to ensure you can legally open carry in your area.  But nothing like detering would be attackers with a visible weapon to be seen by all seeing you running.  I really like this option because it can deter people. Although some argue it ruins the element of surprise.  But simpli safe reported that burglars are over 50% less likely to break into a home when there are visible signs of a security system.  I like to think of open carry as a deterrent rather than a risk. Companies design open carry holster for running that are comfortable and make the weapon very accessible.  My favorite holsters are the ones that hold the gun in the chest area. This is really comfortable when running and makes it easy to access. 

Other Options

Other options worth noting are Kydex holster, IWB holster, wearing a belt, and ankle holsters. 

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