Best Self Defense Knife (2020)

Self Defense Knife

It’s no secret that a person would much rather have a gun to defend themselves than a knife. The saying goes “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”. With that said, there is still good cause to own a self defense knife. Here are just a few reasons a person might own a self defense knife. One, It is a great alternative to a gun. Sometimes carrying a concealed gun just isn’t the best option. Better to have a knife than nothing.

Two, it is an awesome item to have. Just check out “self defense knife” water bottle chopping videos on youtube. Those videos alone gets me excited about self defense knives.

  1. Spyderco Matriarch 2
  2. Spyderco Civilian Folding Knife
  3. KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Straight Edge Knife
  4. Benchmade – Bedlam 860 Knife
  5. Kershaw Brawler Folding Pocket Knife
  6. Cold Steel Black Talon II
  7. SOG Tanto EDC Knife

What To Look For In a Self Defense Knife?

Is The Knife Legal in My State?

Always be mindful of local laws in your area when it comes to carrying knives. There are a few easy ways to better understand your local laws.  You can call the local police station and ask them questions. There are a ton of resources online to help you better understand your rights. One of my favorite resources online is akti knife laws. Here you can see knife laws by state. Keep in mind it is better safe than sorry as carrying a self defense knife illegally can result in criminal charges.

Concealability of Self Defense Knife

If you can’t conceal your knife, you mine as well hold a sign on your forehead letting attackers know to disarm you. Or maybe it will deter them, better not find out. In addition this may negatively alarm people when you are in public. Ensure your self defense knife is easy to conceal out of site, but still easy to access.

How Does the Self Defense Knife Open?

Easy access and a quick folding knife is key. The knife isn’t going to do you any good if it takes five minutes to open. Look for a self defense knife that can be opened easily and stored in an easily accessible place. Pocket sized knives are a safe bet. Although not all self defense knives can fit in a pocket. But storing on your ankle, belt or waistband is an option.


A self defense issue can happen at any moment with little to no notice.  This makes it all the more important to use a self defense knife that can be used at a moments notice.  Look for self defense knives that include verbiage in the description such as “automatic” or “assisted opening”.  These features tend to open knives faster vs manual opening or a traditional concealed carry knives.

Best Self Defense Knives

Spyderco Matriarch 2

With a reverse “S” blade, the  blade shape resembles a backwards letter “S” with the tip curving downward and the widest portion of the blade curved in a convex arc. It is designed for maximum cutting performance.  With over 150 product reviews you can find this self defense knife on amazon here

Spyderco Civilian Folding Knife

The blade on the Spyderco Civilian is both eye catching and terrifying.  It’s an “S” shape blade similar to its relative spyderco Matriarch. Designed for slashing with maximum effect.

The purpose of a blade like this is self-defense, not as a combat weapon to kill.  Because the shape of the blade is not straight, it is a fairly ineffective combat weapon.. It is purely designed to cause damage in a self-defense situation.  You can find this product on Amazons website here.

KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Straight Edge Knife

The smaller design allows for excellent concealing.  Aggressive design is good for striking in self defense situation. This has a full size handle which is very unusual for how small this knife is. This weapon is often used by police officers as a last resort.  

When officers are tackled to the ground this is used as self defense to stop a criminal.  The purpose of this knife is if you are under attack and your enemy believes you are at his mercy you can disarm them with this self defense knife hidden on your person. One of the most reviewed products with just over 192 reviews, this product can be viewed on amazon here.

Benchmade Bedlam 860 Knife

Receiving rave reviews across the community as a middle eastern inspired self defense knife.  This blade is durable, rust resistant and can stay stable in a variety of temperatures. Being a manual knife it allows for easy open and close with one hand. This knife is often used by military and comes with a lifetime warranty.  With just over 95 reviews this product can be seen on amazon here

Kershaw Brawler Folding Pocket Knife

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, this self defense knife is it.  The Kershaw Brawler is the Swiss army knife of self defense knives. The stainless steel blade features excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle features speed safe assisted opening for quick access when needed.  
All around reliable knife for common uses such as opening cans, cutting rope or cords, wilderness rescues, breaking down boxes etc. With the most product reviews I have seen for a self defense knife with just over 2,000 reviews. This product can be reviewed on Amazon here.

Cold Steel Black Talon II

This self defense knife features a handmade and limited edition modified curved Talon blade made from Japanese San mai steel. Sleek titanium frame with a strong locking mechanism. This design was brought back due to a large fan base wanting the iconic blade look. Includes an all new high end American XHP super-steel and a re-designed tip for additional strength and durability. With just over 60 reviews, this self defense knife can be viewed on Amazon here.

SOG Tanto EDC Knife

This is another popular self defense knife to get the best for your money.  Priced competitively with desirable features and material. The SOG Flash II Tanto folding knife serves as a daily carry knife with Assisted Opening tech that allows for quick access. A stainless steel partially serrated pocket knife blade makes this tactical knife versatile; fast open knife is lightweight at 3.1 ounces with a glass reinforced nylon grip.  One of the most reliable fast blade knife systems allowing quick single handed open. Knife is peel and scratch resistant with black titanium. With over 980 reviews this product can be viewed on Amazon here.

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