Best EDC Wallets Reviewed 2020

Carrying a wallet around can be a pain in the butt, especially when sitting down. Great news is you can get rid of the pain in your butt (literally) by getting an EDC wallet.

What’s all the buzz with EDC wallets? Besides reducing the pain in your butt, EDC wallets help eliminate clutter in your life. EDC wallets help people to eliminate clutter and more efficiently carry their important items. A lot goes into choosing an EDC wallet. Before looking at the best EDC wallets, let’s take a look at some of the most common questions related to EDC Wallets.

What Is An EDC Wallet

What in the world is an EDC wallet? EDC stands for every day carry. EDC consists of items that people carry everywhere. These items often include cell phones, keys, wallets, etc. EDC wallets are small and less bulky vs traditional wallets. Wallets come in all shapes and sizes. An EDC wallet is often substantially smaller vs a traditional wallet.

EDC wallets are usually less than four inches wide and 2 ½ inches tall and less than half an inch thick. In addition built to efficiently carry a minimal amount of items. EDC wallets often carry a few credit cards and folded cash and are made for men and women.

Finding the Best EDC Wallet

The market has so many EDC wallets to choose from. How in the world can someone decide what EDC wallet to get? I love carrying the minimal amount of items.

After buying EDC wallets I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite EDC wallets. In addition some of the best rated EDC wallets on the market. EDC wallets can hold anything from cash, credit cards, business cards, Identification and more.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best EDC wallet.

– Warranty
– Durability
– Card slots
– Cash holder
– RFID protection


First it is important to pay attention to the warranty that companies provide for EDC wallets. With EDC wallets having different features and tools, you want a warranty to cover any breaking. Look for an EDC wallet that has a lifetime warranty.


Because EDC wallets are so small they can take a beating. Most often people are sitting down. That means you are probably sitting on your EDC wallet.

Extended periods of time sitting and moving in different motions can take a toll on a wallet. Ensure you read reviews to better understand the durability. Keep an eye on the material the EDC wallet is made out of.

Card Slots

Look for an EDC wallet with card slots. Having card slots is key for holding credit cards or other important cards. I store my credit cards and health insurance card in my EDC wallet.

Pay attention to the functionality of the cards when they are held. In addition keep in mind the number of cards it can hold and how many cards you will need.

Cash Holder

Who carries cash these days? Well not everyone, but if you do carry cash or think you might in the future, be sure to understand the EDC wallets capabilities for carrying cash. I once got a wallet that carried cards and cash, but the functionality of holding both was inconvenient and difficult to put in and out.

RFID Protection

RFID protection is something I only knew gun safes used. I was initially surprised to see EDC wallets with RFID protection.

After doing research and looking at reviews, I quickly learned this is a popular feature for a reason. The RFID protection acts as an added layer of protection for your wallet. It shields you valuables cards and items giving you added peace of mind.

Best EDC Wallets On the Market

Dango Dapper EDC Wallet

One of the best selling EDC wallets on Amazon. The Dango Dapper EDC wallet is stylish and offers superior functionality with durable and safety features. Can hold up to 12 cards, plus cash which can be stored by using a silicone band. Wallet is just over 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall.

Includes RFID blocking which is TSA compliant. So you don’t have to worry about running into issues at the airport. This wallet is compatible with a multi tool which is sold separately.

The Walletology Minimalist Wallet

The Walletology Wallet is built to last a lifetime — legacy wallet, it is meant to pass it on the next generation. Consequently, it is made out of materials that can stand the test of time including titanium, texalium and carbon fiber.

For your protection, it comes with RFID obstructing modern technology that can maintain your individual and economic info secured against external digital threats. One of my favorite features about this wallet is it comes with a system that allows you to fan out your cards to easily access your cards.

Available on Amazon

BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet

The BASICS Males’s Slim Wallet is a wallet that can do it all, making it different from various other minimalistic wallets on the marketplace today. This wallet has the ability to accommodate up to 15 cards at once. It also features a tiny 2.2-inch by 1-inch pocket that enables you to carry extra cash, coins, or a variety of crucial objects.

The natural leather and clinical quality flexible pull tab enables you to access the 4 cards that you utilize the most with the easy pull of the tab to guarantee your comfort.

Available on Amazon

DASH Co. Premium Slim Wallet

The DASH Co. Premium Slim Pocketbook For Men is a minimalist style wallet that is perfect for anyone that wants the comfort of a multi-card pocketbook without the unnecessary bulk you find in most wallets. It is ultra slim, weighing less than an ounce, which translates to less weight in your pocket.

It comes with 3 different pockets that will snuggly hold your EDC necessities with a quick-access pocket on the front. This wallet can hold up to eight cards at one time and carry your expendable cash.

Available on Amazon

Dango M1 Maverick Tactical Wallet

The Dango Products M1 Maverick Wallet provides a distinctive mix of resilience as well as sturdy design with a combination of full-grain leather and anodized 6061 aerospace grade lightweight aluminum.

The tactical wallet holds a maximum of 10 cards plus bills, with an RFID-blocking tooth cavity for approximately 6 cards and four loop openings, you can attach lanyards, tricks or various other things for an all-in-one container.

Available on Amazon

Ridge Minimalist Wallet

The Ridge Wallet Light Weight Aluminum Wallet weighs in at 2 ounces, making it a slim streamlined wallet suited for any front pocket. Made from light-weight aluminum and containing RFID-blocking technology, this wallet securely holds up to 12 of your EDC cards. Plus, did we mention there’s an integrated money clip to keep cash at the ready?

Available on Amazon

Trayvax Summit Tactical Wallet

The Trayvax Summit Slim Wallet is slim, long lasting, lightweight and priced for the everyday shopper. Appealing to minimalists seeking a strong economical alternative, this wallet holds up to eight cards and as much as 5 folded up bills all protected with an RFID defense.

This front-pocket wallet holds just what you need while keeping your pockets slim. Not to mention, it’s made in the U.S.A. and backed by a 65-year service warranty.

Available on Amazon

Secrid Card Protector Minimalist Wallet

The Secrid Card Protector is a sleek minimalist wallet that is as nondescript as you can get. It includes a discreet height and a smooth lightweight aluminum style that’s a slim 8mm thick and shields eight of your most essential cards from RFID-scanning threats, yet absolutely nothing more, which’s the point.

At the top of the wallet is a click wheel that slides the cards out for very easy access, and it’s created to do so slowly so they don’t drop on the floor.

Available on Amazon

Dango C01 Civilian Leather Wallet

The Dango C01 Civilian is a hybrid conventional vegetable-tanned Italian leather budget with a modern 6061 aerospace grade lightweight aluminum tab at the end that lets you affix a lanyard for simple carrying.

Its 4 inner pockets pleasantly fit 10 of your most essential cards, as well as the exterior silicone band lets you carry money also. For added utility, the Civilian is suitable with Dango’s MT02 multi-tool frame also.

Available on Amazon

Ranger Rugged Minimalist Wallet

The Ranger Rugged Wallet is a small steel metal card provider that lets you fit eight essential cards and features a glide them out for easy access when you need them. The strap helps maintain your cards through any event, and it allows you to carry folded bills along too.

The steel body works as an all-natural RFID signal blocker to maintain your card details far from skimmers, and its cerakote finish helps keep its durability and deterioration resistance in time. And constructed into the precision-machined case are 12 necessary tools including a bottle screw and more for extra use.

Available on Amazon

EDC Slim Money Clip Rigid Tactical Wallet

The Rigid tactical wallet is a swiss army knife of EDC wallets. This wallet has just about every feature at an affordable price. This card is designed to be stylish, durable and include added protection.

This includes and RFID which provides added peace of mind. One of my favorite things about this is that it includes a multi tool which has various features helpful for survival needs or around the house needs.

Kinzd Slim Wallet RFID

Kinzd slim wallet specializes in designing thin EDC wallets at a low cost.  This is likely the least expensive EDC wallet on the market with some of the most reviews.  This is a slim wallet that can hold up to 6 cards.  

Includes RFID blocking.  If I am looking to save money and am not picky about style or long term durability, this is a great option.  I am not a huge fan of the design of this EDC wallet, although the cost can’t be beat. Includes a one year warranty with 100% customer satisfaction.  This wallet has a ton of colors to choose from.

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