How to Conceal Carry With Basketball Shorts

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The relaxed fit of basketball shorts doesn’t mean you need to be relaxed about holstering your gun. People who enjoy wearing athletic wear have questions about how to conceal carry in basketball shorts. There are several secure, comfortable options you can choose for good accessibility. 

To conceal carry in basketball shorts you must safely secure your weapon to prevent it from moving. This can be done with a variety of methods some of which include: belly band holsters, compressions concealment shorts,  and a holster shirt.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular types of holsters and methods to conceal carry while wearing basketball shorts. 

Belly Band Holster

A top option for a versatile, flexible fit, a belly band type of holster provides good form regardless of the type of pants you’re wearing. Belly band holsters work beautifully with basketball shorts because they actually wrap directly around your midsection. That means there’s no conflict with carrying just because you’re wearing lighter, looser clothing.

Compression Concealment Shorts

Some people prefer the flexible range of motion that comes from wearing compression concealment shorts. Made with a built-in carry holster, these carry shorts go under your athletic shorts to create a tight fit. They offer a comfortable, natural feel that will completely blend in with the rest of your outfit. Different styles of concealment compression shorts allow you to side carry, front carry or utilize a thigh holster.

Holster Shirt

Like compression concealment shorts, holster shirts provide a way to layer your holster in a way that feels natural against the body without restricting movement. You also have the freedom to choose which side you prefer. There are many items sold as holsters for use with skirts that actually work wonderfully with athletic shorts simply because they are designed to cling to the body under flowing, loose attire.

Pocket Carry

There is the option to pocket carry if you’re wondering how to conceal carry with basketball shorts. While this isn’t necessarily the most popular choice, it can be done if you’re trying to head out in sports shorts without an opportunity to purchase special holsters or equipment to hold your small firearm. However, the best way to handle pocket carrying is to actually purchase a special pocket holster that’s going to securely keep your firearm in place in your pocket without any shifting.

Keep in mind that your pockets must be the right size to pocket carry. You must also choose between side carrying and back carrying based on the style of the pants you’re wearing. Avoid pocket carrying in ultra-thin, glossy athletic shorts that will make the outline of your gun very obvious.

In addition, you may need to consider that not all basketball shorts are going to be compatible with pocket carrying even if you do purchase a pocket liner. Some basketball shorts simply feature pockets that are too deep and “droopy” to safely and comfortably accommodate a firearm.

Bra Holster

Moving a firearm to a completely different area of the body when trying to conceal carry while wearing basketball shorts is often the best solution. A bra holster offers a great way to remove the burden from the lower half of your body while still allowing you to enjoy easy access to your weapon. Many bra holsters are actually “bodysuit holsters” that allow you to carry at the front or side near your abdomen. Others are classic bra styles that allow you to carry at your sternum.

Shoulder Holsters

A shoulder holster is another great solution for a holster for basketball shorts. In fact, this may be the best default solution if you simply want the most comfortable way to conceal carry when you’re wearing sports clothing because you won’t have to worry about acclimating to the fit and sensation of trying to keep a holster secure while wearing loose-fitting shorts that are prone to movement.

This type of holster allows the benefit of facilitating a quick draw, allowing you to have awareness of your firearm, providing several positions, and being easy to remove. This is considered a very safe way to wear a weapon. The fact that you can keep your gun tight against your body at all times is considered a plus for many safety-conscious carriers. Many also find that a shoulder holster is simply the more comfortable option when sitting.

Shorts With Built-in Holster

Wearing shorts with a built-in holster can be a smart way to enjoy the comfort of gym shorts without giving up the security of an appropriate holster. Unlike a band-style holster, shorts with built-in holsters don’t restrict any part of the body. They are generally very comfortable to sit in. Typically, these shorts are used by people wanting to carry on the interior or exterior of the thigh.


While carrying while wearing sports attire can be tricky, there’s no shortage of options for how to conceal carry with basketball shorts. Always ensure that your firearm is secure, accessible and undetectable when carrying in basketball shorts. The polyester and mesh materials that are commonly used for basketball shorts can make the outline of a gun and holster much more obvious.

Frequently Asked Questions About Conceal Carrying in Shorts

Can you conceal carry with basketball shorts?

Yes, there are many ways to conceal carry using basketball shorts. However, the loose nature of athletic clothing means that you’ll need to use special holsters or undergarments that are designed to securely hold a firearm close to your body without risk of the firearm sliding out of place.

Are belly band holsters safe?

Yes, belly band holsters can be perfectly safe as long as they feature quality, sturdy materials that will help your firearm to stay securely in place. The band you select should be the appropriate size to hold the weight of your specific firearm. Always practice wearing a band holster to ensure safety and accessibility prior to leaving the house.

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