How to Conceal Carry With Skinny Jeans

I’m a big proponent of the idea that you can conceal carry with every type of outfit. However, that doesn’t mean that you can use the same method for carrying to get a comfortable and discreet result with every type of outfit. I often hear people discuss that they simply feel that it’s impossible to be discreet about carrying when they’re wearing fitted or tailored clothing. For instance, many people who conceal carry will simply leave their gun at home if they’re going out in skinny jeans.

Can you conceal carry with skinny jeans? My take is that it’s not necessary to avoid carrying in any outfit if you’re willing to be adaptable and creative. Here’s what I recommend when looking for a carrying solution for skinny jeans:

Popular Methods To Conceal Carry With Skinny Jeans

  • AIWB.
  • G2 holster.
  • Wear a longer shirt.
  • Carry the slimmest firearm possible.
  • Ankle holster.
  • OWB holster.

When done properly, these options can remove a lot of the restrictions that you think are in place just because your pants are fitted. They also generally help you achieve the same level of concealment that you’d get when wearing looser clothing. Let’s cover how!


An appendix in the waistband (AIWB) holster is something that even many people in the gun community aren’t overly familiar with. In all honesty, it’s not necessarily a first choice when there are options like the IWB holster. However, it’s a very decent option for carrying with skinny jeans.

With an appendix carry, you’re placing your holster and gun in the front of your waistband in the spot that’s just about at the halfway point between the pocket and button on your skinny jeans. In fact, this form of carrying gets its name from the fact that you’ll be placing your gun near your appendix.

First, we can start with the perks of choosing to appendix carry. I generally like that you’re getting an easy insertion angle with this method. I also like that the draw is pretty easy. Generally, you’ll find that your shirt falls in just the right way to add a little extra concealment when you’re using this method.

What I don’t like about AIWB is mostly based on comfort. You’ll find that the situation is pretty comfortable when you’re walking around with this concealment method. However, there can be quite a bit of awkward digging once you sit down. That’s not great for the concealment aspect because you may need to readjust your gun just to be able to sit comfortably. This carrying position can also be a little bit worrying in regards to accidental discharges. If your gun goes off by accident in this position, you have a higher chance of hitting those potentially lethal femoral arteries in your upper leg.

G2 Holster

I’ll call this the “camouflage” option. A G2 holster is designed to be carried with virtually any outfit seamlessly. Its unique design creates a very comfortable carrying situation that can move with you from outfit to outfit. What I like is the way you’re keeping your gun below your waistline with this option. 

As a result, you’re not worrying about painful digging at your leg or stomach. The inconspicuous design of this holster also allows you to wear slim jeans and fitted tops without the need to choose your outfit around your holster. You can even choose to tuck in your shirt without a second thought. Touches like a sturdy steel clip and magnet for keeping the base of your holster sturdy also add to the G2’s ingenuity.

Wear a Longer Shirt

This may seem beyond obvious. However, the simplest option is going to be the best option for someone who just needs an easy, no-cost way to carry with slim jeans. You can often just use your typical holster or belt as long as you’re wearing a shirt that’s long enough and thick enough to cover your waist. This is especially true with something like a sweater or buttoned shirt. If necessary, layer with a flannel shirt under a sweater to make sure any bumps at your waistline remain undetected. Tucking in your shirt is always a good option as well.

Carry the Slimmest Firearm Possible

You sometimes have to start from scratch if you want a comfortable fit while carrying. If you’re finding that trying to carry at the abdomen or use a specialized holster isn’t working, it may be time to switch to a slimmer firearm. Having a part-time firearm that you use for fitted outfits offers the best of both worlds in many ways.

Ankle Holster

If you’re finding it impossible to get a comfortable fit when trying to conceal your gun with skinny jeans, it could be time to look beyond the waist entirely. An ankle holster is another option for keeping your gun close at hand without running into uncomfortable complications when you try to sit. 

You also have less to worry about in terms of an accidental discharge at close quarters. That said, using an ankle holster with skinny pants isn’t always amazing if you’ll be running or walking for long stretches. The first concern is that either your holster or gun will become dislodged during a run. The second is that you’re simply adding more weight to your ankles when you go with this method.

Typically, an ankle holster is considered a backup holster that can be relied upon if your primary weapon fails to fire. You might be comfortable with using it as a primary option if you’re finding the fit too tight for a IBW holster. A lot of people prefer an ankle holster over other options if they’ll be doing something like riding a bike while carrying because there’s risk of pain at the leg or waist while spending long periods of time in a crouched, sitting position.

OWB Holster

If you really want to get that strong side-hip carry that you get with your favorite IWB holster, there is one last option on the table. Some people like to recreate that secure hold and quick drawing capability using an outside the waistband (OWB) holster. Like its interior counterpart, and outside the waistband holster allows you to draw with your dominant hand just like you’ve trained for. Many people would argue that this is also the option that provides the most comfortable carrying position.

The Big Question: How to Conceal Carry With Fitted Clothes?

As you can see, you have several methods when choosing an option for bringing along your firearm when you’re wearing fitted, tailored clothing that outlines the body. My advice is to definitely focus on finding a holster of some type that satisfies your needs for comfort and concealment. 

Also be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the concealed and open carry laws in any area where you’ll be taking your gun. While the method you’ve been using with baggier clothes may fly, switching to a new method always requires you to do your homework. This is especially true if you’ll be switching to a carrying method that brings your gun outside the waistband.

The bottom line is that you should be able to carry your gun when wearing skinny jeans or fitted pants just fine as long as you have a little flexibility about carrying position and placement. You may find that your shirt is actually just as important as your pants when it comes to pulling off a pure concealment. If you’re wearing an outfit with a fitted top and pants, your best bet may be to go with an off-body option like a carrying bag.

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