Concealed Carry With a Shirt Tucked In

man with shirt ticked in concealed carrying

Concealed carry with a shirt tucked in can be tricky and require thinking outside the box. But don’t worry as there are solutions to conveniently concealed carry with a shirt tucked in.

Read our guide to understand how to conceal carry with a shirt tucked in.

What Kind of Holster Would be Best for When you Have to Tuck in Your Shirt?

This is a question we get asked pretty often. The most popular kind of holster to use with a shirt tucked in is a belly band and IWB tuckable Holster. These options provide optimal concealment while providing quick access to a firearm.

These are some of the most popular belly bands and IWB holsters options used today for tucking in a shirt.

What Position is Best for Concealed Carry if Wearing a Shirt Tucked Into Pants?

The best position for concealed carry when wearing a shirt tucked in is the standard 3 o’clock position on the waistline. If the gun is still visible try switching to an ideal position at 4 o’clock or a 2 o’clock position. This method works best with an IWB Holster.

When using an inside the waistband holster, be sure to find an area of the waste that tends to be flatter. placing the weapon in a flatter area will minimize the noticeability of the firearm on your body.

If using a belly band holster. Remember belly bands are fairly universal in that they wrap around your waist.

Depending on the pockets within the belly band, the carry positions of your weapon can vary. Find a position that is most comfortable for you when using a belly band.

Consider wearing a jacket or sweater for additional concealment. Be mindful of the size of a weapon that you use. A smaller weapon tends to be easier to conceal with a shirt tucked in. This is often the case with most carrying concealed methods.

Full-size weapons tend to print more. In addition, they tend to press against the body and dig into the skin more.

Drawing From a Concealed Carry Holster Behind a Tucked Shirt

Drawing with a shirt tucked in can be very different from a standard method. A standard method of drawing a weapon often involves one swift motion of reaching for the weapon and drawing it.

This method involves reaching with one hand, ripping up the tucked-in shirt then drawing the weapon. People find that it takes longer to gain access to the weapon this way. Although there are ways to work around this.

If your concealed carry is covered with your tucked-in t-shirt there are a few techniques to get quick access to your firearm. You have to first clear your shirt to gain access to your firearm. This can be done by using your support hand to pull your dress shirt up from the area where your concealed carry is, then draw your weapon.

When pulling your shirt up be sure that it clears the height of your gun. this will ensure the tucked shirt does not fall back down and get in the way of drawing your weapon. We see this pretty frequently as gravity will pull the shirt back down if the shirt is not pulled over the height of the grip on the weapon.

Wherever the position of your gun is on the waist, be sure to train drawing from that particular position. As they say, practice makes perfect. First, practice your draw with the weapon unloaded in front of a mirror.

Once you start to feel comfortable drawing the weapon. Then move to a gun range where you can draw and fire the weapon. The more you train the more you can feel comfortable if a situation arises where you need to draw your weapon.

Additional Methods to Concealed Carry with Shirt Tucked in

Ankle holster– For a person that wants to avoid concealed carrying underneath clothes, but still want to tuck in their shirt. An ankle carry holster can be a good option.

Keep in mind this method can take longer to access the gun. The reason being it takes longer to bend over to reach the weapon. Whereas if the pistol was in the waist area it can be accessed much quicker.

Pocket Carry– Another option is to use the pocket carry method. This is often done by using a holster that is placed in the pocket. Then the pistol holsters in the pocket.

This method of carrying does not work well if pants are tight. Be sure to wear pants or shorts that are one to two sizes bigger. Below is one of the most popular Pocket carry holsters on the market. Check out below to see reviews.

Appendix Position- Appendix carry is carrying a gun and wearing a holster at the front of a waistband.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concealed Carrying With a Shirt Tucked In

Can you tuck your shirt in with a belly band holster

Yes, belly bands are easy to use because the holster is attached to your body rather than your belt. Whereas other holsters are often attached with a belt clip, making it more difficult to tuck in your t-shirt. 

How do Tuckable holsters work?

Tuckable holsters work similarly to an IWB holster. Tuckable holsters have a clip that attaches the holster to the inside of your belt. You can then tuck your shirt in to cover the holster and pistol completely.

What is the best concealed carry holster for tucked-in dress shirts?

The best-concealed carry holster for a tucked-in dress shirt is a tuckable IWB holster. A Tuckable IWB KYDEX Holster has adjustable ride height with the ability to tuck in your shirt.

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