Best Way to Conceal Carry: The Ultimate Guide

conceal carry

Everyone has a favorite technique to conceal carry a gun. Whether it’s a favorite shoulder holster, inside or outside the waist concealed carry holster, or an ankle joint holster– one size definitely doesn’t fit all. This got me thinking, what is the best way to conceal carry?

The best way to conceal carry varies based on preference, body build, location, temperature, style of dress and more.  Be sure to conceal carry in a way that works best for your preferences and lifestyle.

15 Best Ways to Conceal Carry

  • Inside the waistband (Most Popular)
  • Outside the waistband (OWB
  • Pocket carry
  • Belly band
  • Off Body
  • Underwear carry
  • Appendix carry
  • Conceal carry with vest
  • Car holster
  • Shoulder holster
  • Ankle holster
  • Thigh holster
  • Bra holster
  • Tucked in pants no holster
  • CCW Purse

In this write-up, we’ll review a few of the very best and worst ways to conceal carry a handgun. More importantly, we’ll talk about why they’re the very best as well as worst way to conceal a handgun.

15 Best Ways to Conceal Carry

IWB Inside The WaistBand Conceal Carry Holster

Inside the waistband holsters are the standard for concealed carry for a reason. Because this method of carry is so popular, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just about any gun accessory company makes this type of holster. They hide well and work with a variety of guns. This is one of the best ways to conceal carry a gun because it keeps the weapon close to your body while avoiding the pitfalls of a conceal carrying without a holster.
A negative to this method is that because you conceal in your waistband it can require some extra room. If you ten to wear fitted pants, the IWB holster can feel a bit snug. Sometimes people may even need to get larger pants.

Inside the waistband works really well with belts. Some IWB holsters come with a clip to clip to the belt. This helps with extra support and stability for the weapon.

When looking for an inside the waistband holster it is important to ensure it is breathable, durable, fits to your body well stays in place and of course has positive reviews. Reviews often reveal these types of qualities.

Pocket Carry

Pocket carry is one of the more simple and inexpensive ways to conceal carry. Alot has been said as to whether or not it is a safe alternative to conceal carry. Ensure to use a good pocket holster. These often come in the form of a clip. Carrying this way makes the trigger unprotected. It is fairly common for people to use trigger guard with it as well for extra protection to keep the gun from misfiring.

Belly Band

What I like about the belly band holster is that it is one of the most functional types of holsters on the market today. The belly band is not limited to carrying in one position or area of the body. They are often one size fits all and can be worn inside the waistband, outside the waistband, cross body, appendix carry and more. Belly bands often have extra space for magazines or extra accessories.

Off Body

One of my favorite ways to conceal carry is of the body using a bag, suitcase or some sort of item where it is not strapped to the body. This allows for comfort, but provides easy access to the firearm. Although this route does have disadvantages. For example the access to the firearm is not as quick as if it were on the body.

In addition the gun is more likely to be stolen if it is not on your body. Would be attackers can more easily steal a bag, than something strapped to your body. Some of the most popular methods are a concealed carry backpack or a conceal carry sling bag.

Underwear Carry

This is a concealed carry method that I was initially surprised at. But was also surprised at how popular it is becoming. This involves conceal carrying using undergarments. The most popular methods now are using compression shirts or shorts that are worn beneath outer clothing. This method works really well for conceal carrying during the summer.
Negatives to this method is the reduced accessibility. Being that the gun is under clothing, it can take more time to get to a gun.

Appendix Carry

Appendix carry is generally done in the front of the body between the zipper and front pocket. Some of my favorite things about this method is that it provides ease of accessibility and tends to be more tactical. Because of the positioning of the gun, if something were to go down, the gun can be accessed in an instant. This method is one of the more easily accessible vs other options.
Really one of the biggest negatives to this method is the positioning of the holster. The positioning is such that it points right where the sun don’t shine if you know what I mean. But additional methods such as using a safety and or a trigger guard can add additional security.

Conceal Carry With Vest

Another one of my favorite options to conceal carry, especially during the summer months, or when it is really cold in the winter. Conceal carry vests provide so much added space to conceal items. It makes it so simple to conceal items. Because of this it is really comfortable and I often don’t even notice a weapon on me. Be sure to choose a conceal carry vest that is durable and is designed for concealed carry. Added features such as zippers and conceal carry pockets can make all the difference.

Car Holster

Car holster is more of a backup, then a primary way to conceal carry. If you drive around a lot, this can be a great option. I wouldn’t recommend leaving a gun in a car if you don’t need to. This leaves your gun vulnerable to being stolen. Although if you have no other option than to leave it in your car, using a car holster is better than nothing. Keep in mind car holster tend to be a way to hold a gun in place in your car, they can also include what are essentially mini safes that strap to a car to prevent the gun from being stolen.
For frequent drivers look for a conceal carry holster that is sturdy and designed to be out of site. If you are looking for a car holster that acts as a safe, look for reviews saying it is durable and make sure it can lock to your car in some way. Most often it locks to cars via a metal cord.

CCW Shoulder Holster

For those that do not want to carry inside the waistband, one prominent option is to make use of a shoulder holster. Although shoulder holster can require more work vs an IWB holster. It is something to be mindful of. Shoulder holsters often require wearing extra layers. So if it is in the dead of summer, this may be a tough one to pull off.

As a general regulation, the larger the weapon you carry the more layering is required. Body type matters also. If your shoulders are bigger than your hips, covering up will certainly be much easier for apparent factors. Shoulder holsters are oriented vertically or horizontally. The previous is easier to conceal than the latter, though horizontally-oriented shoulder holsters can still effectively hide a pistol for lots of people.

Concealment with a horizontal shoulder holster will certainly get more difficult Some people will certainly discover a portable gun can be concealed in either alignment with a roomy button-up t-shirt, worn unbuttoned or buttoned. Others may discover that a light coat might be necessary. Weapon selection also contributes. Once more, a moderately-sized compact may easily conceal in either position for many individuals.

A subcompact will conceal conveniently for several also. Full-size guns, nonetheless, will certainly hide quickly for some people and not for others.
One more common complaint is bad strapping, as an excellent shoulder holster will disperse the weight of the gun to more than one shoulder. This is the Achilles heel of shoulder holsters, as many people have found them unpleasant.

Ankle Holster

Accessing an ankle holster can be difficult. While concealed carry teachers have demonstrated some excellent methods, it’s kind of counterintuitive. One of the biggest positives to an ankle holster is the mobility it brings. Having to redirect focus from the target to the holster is a large issue. For those with weak ankles or heavier set– ankle joint holsters aren’t the best option. For those that prefer a sub-compact or perhaps micro-compact concealed carry pistol– it can be a sensible concealed carry approach.

Thigh Holster

A thigh holster is often referred to as a leg holster as well. Thigh holsters are most popular for women due to the nature of the positioning. Thigh holsters concealed are often part of an undergarment, which is most easily accessed by a women when wearing a dress or skirt. For me this is often referred to as a leg holster although it is much more difficult to access wearing shorts or pants.

Bra Holster

A bra holster is becoming more and more popular for women. The gun is often positioned towards the center of the bra attached to the center and tucked below the underwire. Good bra holster’s will conceal the weapon well even with a fitted shirt. This isn’t seen too often with different conceal carry methods. Fitted clothing often reveals impressions of the gun.

Tucked in Pants No Holster

Conceal carrying in pants with no holster is an accident waiting to happen. Rarely do people conceal carry this way, not even trained professional. The reason being is it opens yourself up to accidents happening in various ways. Not using a holster will allow the gun to move which increases the likelihood of a misfire. In addition this risks the chance of a weapon flopping out when in public, which can cause issues with others and put you at risk for getting into legal trouble. Getting a holster is a cheap insurance policy to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

CCW Purse

For ladies this is a great option to conceal carry. More and more women are choosing to use a conceal carry purse. When conceal carrying on the body we can be limited in how we conceal carry based on the time of year and temperature changes. But a CCW purse allows the flexibility to use all year round. Many women choose to carry in a handbag. Handbags that are not designed to conceal carry can come with negatives. CCW purses are specifically designed to conceal carry.

Something I like to be careful of is that purses can attract children to open and play with or would burglars. A CCW purse has designs to help prevent with these sort of things. If you do decide to go the route if a CCW purse, ensure you keep a close watch on your purse at all times.

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