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Most often we think about ways to conceal carry on our body.  Maybe conceal carrying in a store or somewhere in public. But we sometimes forget that when we conceal carry in public we have to travel from place to place.  This is often done in a car. With so many different options, finding the right way or product to conceal carry in a car can be a pain in the neck. Which car Gun Holster is right for you?

8 Of The Best Car Holsters

  1. Magnet Car Holster
  2. Stinger Gun Magnet Car HolsterHolster Mount
  3. Car Holster Strap
  4. Car Holster Mount
  5. Conceal carry on person
  6. Glove Box
  7. Steering Wheel Car Holster
  8. Side Door Compartment

How to Choose a Car Holster?

What is a Car Holster?

A car holster also known as a vehicle holster is a holster that is specifically built to conceal carry weapons in vehicles.  These holsters are often built to conceal weapons in cars while making the weapon easily accessible. You can find many different options.  Vehicle holsters often are designed to hold pistols or handguns.  


Security is key with car holsters. It is important to take the right steps to ensure your weapon is not stolen. It is sometimes a misperception that because a car holster is being used the weapon should be left in the car. It is bets to take your weapon with you if possible. But sometimes circumstances don’t allow for taking your weapon with you.

If you are leaving your weapon in your vehicle lock it in the glove box, center console, or trunk. I have even heard of people being able to hide it in the trunk in the spare tire compartment. Worst case scenario hide it under the seat. Something is better than nothing as long as the weapon is out of site.

Some car holster or mounts are firmly screwed in or mounted to the vehicle. Or sometimes locked up. Even then, take your weapon with you if possible. Or ensure it is out of site not inviting people to break in.

When you have to leave your weapon in your vehicle, lock boxes that are mounted to the car are often found safest.


There are a few things to keep in mind when using a car holster to help you be more safe. First, look for a car holster that ensures the weapon is firmly in place. The last thing you want is a weapon that is bouncing around your car at risk of a misfire.

I always use a trigger guard when using a car holster in my car. A trigger guard provides that added protection and peace of mind in case something were to happen. Keep in mind that a trigger guard will not provide as quick of access to your hang gun in case of an emergency.


There are various ways that car holsters attach to vehicles. The type of attachment tends to vary less. But it is important to read product reviews to see if the car holster has issues with attaching.

Some of the most popular car holster attachment styles you will see on the market today are below:

  • screw in
  • glue
  • screw in/magnets
  • glue/magnets
  • straps

Screw in car holsters are usually the most firmly mounted. Although the obvious is that you now have a few small holes in your car. If the the positioning of your holster is in an area that isn’t as noticeable (which most are, then its not a huge deal as you wont see the holes much.

Glue attachment car holster are super easy to install. Keep in mind that large changes in temperature can impact how well the glue attachment holds. As usual, scan through product reviews to ensure not attachment issues are common in the product.

Screw in magnet attachment is a fairly new but very popular option. In fact it is one of the most popular car holsters on the market today (it is listed as #1 on the list below). This is essentially a screw in attachment that includes a magnet. So your hand gun magnetically attaches. Talk about easy access!

Glue magnet attachment. I think you are getting the gist of this now. The glue magnet attachment is a glue attachment that allows magnet attachment.

Strap attachment provides a fairly strong attachment in addition an option for easy access. Something I am not a huge fan of with strap attachment is that they do not work on all vehicles and straps can restrict the area they are placed in the vehicle. Make sure to look at reviews and frequently asked questions for any issues with attachment that others are having.

Other Considerations

Some attachments need a holster but do not include the holster with the purchase. Make sure to read product descriptions, reviews, and frequently asked questions to ensure you don’t need to buy anything in addition to your purchase. It’s kind of like the “batteries not included” thing. It is something that is easy to not think about then have to hop online or run to the store to buy more stuff. Don’t want to get stuck doing that.

Top 8 Car Holsters On The Market Today

Magnet Car Holster

This is one of the most popular ways to conceal carry while driving for a few different reasons.  Magnetic car gun holsters tend to be easy to install. In addition the holsters provide flexibility as to where you want the holster positioned in the car.  I love being able to move my magnetic holster to different areas of my car.  

With many options available for car magnets. This is the best rated and most popular car gun holsters on amazon. Checkout reviews here.

Stinger Gun Magnet Car Holster

I had to throw in this car holster as well as it is one of my favorites for a variety of reasons. Something I love about this is it is widely universal. Can be used on cars, trucks, SUV’s etc. The installation is fast and simple. In addition the design of the car holster includes a trigger guard within it! You can learn more about this product on Amazon here

Car Holster Strap

This is one of the better strap car holsters on the market. As previously discussed strap car holsters tend to be limited as to placement of them. This strap is used between the car seat and center console. You can learn more about this product on amazon here.

Car Holster Mount

There are several different car holster’s available. They typically have nylon straps or are in a pancake style to hold the weapon in place. This is one of the better methods to conceal carry in a car as it allows for concealment of the weapon while securely holding it in place.  You can even try using this for a conceal carry knife.

Similar to magnetic holsters. Holster mounts are often magnetic as well. Although the design provides a secure mount for your weapon with added security. This it the best selling Car Holster mount. Make sure to read reviews to ensure it the right fit for you. You can see more info on this car holster on Amazon here.

Conceal Carry On Person

Believe it or not, if you conceal carry in a vehicle you don’t always have to store the weapon somewhere on the vehicle.  With the right holster, it’s sometimes easier to conceal carry on your body, rather on the car. Learn more about conceal carrying on a motorcycle to know if this is the right options for you.  

Glove Box

This is an old classic way to conceal a weapon.  Although it’s not the most recommended as the weapon tends to be less accessible.  But keep in mind glove boxes sometimes have locks on them for added security to prevent people from stealing it.

Steering Wheel Car Holster

Remember when conceal carrying in a vehicle its important to prevent people from seeing the weapon.  You don’t want to be in the store and someone walks by your car in the parking lot and sees it. Steering wheel gun holsters provide a solid way to conceal weapons out of sight in a secure way.  In addition it makes the weapon easy to access in a short amount of time.  

Simple and fast installation. This mount can be mounted not just in your car under the steering wheel, but almost anywhere. All hardware is included. By far the best rated under the steering wheel car gun holster.

Side Door Pocket

Another common method of concealing a gun in the car is storing it in the door compartment or between the seat.  This provides more access vs the glove box. But keep in mind weapons can wiggle or move around using this method.  It’s important to have a gun trigger guard to ensure the weapon doesn’t miss fire when experiencing movement.  


As you can see, there are a variety of ways to conceal carry a gun in your car. Conceal carrying a gun in your car is just as important as conceal carry on yourself and in your home. It is different than conceal carrying on a motorcycle.

Many of the vehicle gun holsters include magnets. Keep in mind what style of holster and positioning works best for you. Car holsters are often build for specific areas or uses.

You want it to be secure and out of site, but at the same time easily accessible. Similar to finding ways you want to conceal weapons at home and on yourself in public, Find what works best for you when it comes to conceal carrying a gun in your car.  

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