How to Conceal Carry On a Motorcycle

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Concealed carrying on a motorcycle requires extra precautions vs conceal carrying when walking on foot or driving in a vehicle. It is more important than ever to keep a weapon strapped down while riding a motorcycle. In addition its important to keep it safely secured in the event that your back pack is jarred or moves around.

we will cover basic fundamentals to help ensure safety while riding a motorcycle and conceal carrying whether you you prefer a hand gun or full size gun. People can ride motorcycles different depending on the type of motorcycle or preference of riding. Thus, the terms “ideal,” “negative” or “great” are mostly subjective as long as gun safety and also security are taken into consideration.

We’ll be covering a few feasible places you can holster your concealed carry gun comfortably and securely while riding a motorcycle.

Popular Ways to Conceal Carry on a Motorcycle

Before concealing your weapon its important to understand the diffferent ways you can conceal carry while riding. Inside the waist holsters can be uncomfortable and a hazard of falling as the clips tend to be less strong vs other options. Lets take a options for conceal carrying when riding.


If you like wearing vest’s this is a great option for conceal carrying while riding a motorcycle. Vests provide plenty of room and easy accessibility when needed. In addition it allows for maneuvering, leaning side to side or forward without having your conceal items dig into the waist or other places.

Trigger Gaurd

Trigger guard, thats right. The lost thing someone would want is a weapon misfiring when riding a motorcycle. Ensure the weapon is safe from misfiring. Just keep in mind that using a trigger guard while riding a motorcycle may take a little more time to access your weapon. Amazon has the top reviewed trigger guard that can be found below

Pocket Holster

Pocket holster are one of the most accessible options for conceal carrying while riding a motorcycle. Although when riding the friction of movement could dislodge a weapon from the pocket holster. Try to get a pocket holster that has more grip to reduce the amount of movement of the holster. Amazon has a top review pocket holster for motorcycle riding here…

Concealed Motorcycle Jacket Pockets

Thats right, conceal carry can be as simple as concealing in your pocket. Concealing on your motorcycle jacket pocket isn’t the recommended way.

Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters a. Where several would certainly prefer a solid side carry and even appendix concealed carry holster, a shoulder holster takes the pistol clean off the belt line as well as protects it on or near the ribcage. Generally, the motorcyclist will currently be putting on a jacket, so this sort of carry contributes to that atmosphere.

However, the shoulder holster must be adapted to a tight fit that holds the weapon higher on the torso as well as near to the body. PROS: Secure– especially if used inside a motorcycle jacket. CONS: Slow down draw time. If a jacket or safety tools is worn, it needs to be open up to access the gun or revolver.

Motorcycle Concealed Carry Backpack

If you like wearing a backpack when riding. A concealed carry back pack is the way to go. Checkout the guide I wrote for more info regarding concealed carry backpacks for motorcycles.

Inside the Waistband Concealed Carry Holsters

There are a few thing to keep in mind when conceal carrying with a holster on a motorcycle. First, the holster itself must have a tight grasp of the gun. That pistol needs to be snug and firm before riding.

Secondly, it’s highly advised that a flexible clasp system is made use of for securing the holster to the waistband. While some cyclists will certainly vow that merely a stand-alone holster tucked right into the waist is flawlessly adequate– it still postures an unneeded threat if the biker has a forward leaning drive placement (sportbike, cafĂ© cruiser, etc.). If the rider opts for the IWB holster, there are settings along the waistline for the tool, however the riding style and also kind of bike will influence where on the midsection the CCW is located.

A forward-leaning rider may choose the 4 or 5 o’clock placement. In addition, should a person get in a motorcyclist accident, they should consider exactly how the effect will impact the gun, its retention in the holster and also whether the weapon both will be damaged and also possibly damage the cyclist. According to MedHelp, the chances of passing away in a motorcycle are 1 in 802.

Checkout review on amazon for the top rated inside the waistband holster with just over 2,000 reviews…..

Best Concealed Carry Motorcycle Jackets

Mens Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This is the #1 best seller motorcycle jacket on Amazon. Fabric: 100% Genuine leather; Lining: 100% polyester; Filling: 100% cotton. Removable Hood zip off, can be worn as a standing collar jacket. Two hand pockets to warm up cold hands. 1 chest pocket(keep essentials safely stowed and close at hand like phone and ID papers), 2 internal pockets offer great storing for many items like wallet, phone or cards. This features an adjustable fitting with a side lace and built-in waist belt & buckle to fit your shape and allow for a bit of weight fluctuation over the years.

Mens Carnivore Black Leather Jacket

This conceal carry jacket has a hidden conceal carry pocket, adjustable waist, stretchable shoulder panels for all day riding comfort, removable quilted liner, vents, YKK zippers, hidden reflective piping and plenty of storage pockets.

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