How to Conceal Carry in The Summer?

Spending most of my time in Idaho, cold weather is commonplace. Cold weather for me meant concealed carrying was easy to conceal carry under winter clothes. It was not until I moved to Connecticut in summer months I found myself in 90 degree humid weather. I never realized how difficult it is to conceal carry in the summer. This got me thinking, how do I conceal carry in the summer? I started to do some research. Let’s talk about some of the most popular ways to conceal carry in the summer.

Even if you are in the hottest time of summer, there are tips and tricks you can use to effectively conceal carry in the summer.

9 Tips For Conceal Carrying in the Summer

  • Conceal carry with your shirt tucked in
  • Conceal carry with vest
  • Conceal carry with shorts
  • Try a smaller gun
  • Use car holster
  • Carry off body
  • Inside the Waistband
  • Try a belly band
  • Underwear carry

How to Conceal Carry in the Summer?

Conceal Carry with Your Shirt Tucked in

Sometimes I wear my shirt tucked in when I go places, most often I don’t tuck in my shirt, but for more formal occasions I do. Fortunately, companies have specially designed concealed carry holsters for summer to make it easy for people to conceal carry with their shirt tucked in.

When looking for a concealed carry with your shirt tucked in it’s important to take into account comfort, break in or maintenance needed, and performance. The different sizes and shapes of people’s bodies vary greatly.

My first conceal carry holster I bought didn’t fit well to my body, this left me feeling uncomfortable. In addition the gun holster required maintenance and didn’t come with a warranty. Look for a holster that has some sort of warranty, generally you want to have at least a year warranty on the holster.

One of the biggest key indicators to whether or not to buy a holster is the customer reviews. When looking at the reviews some key insights to look for is how does the holster fit people, and it is adjustable.

The number one rated concealed carry holster on amazon right now that allows people to easily conceal carry with their shirt tucked in is made by Kydex. In addition the holster comes in a large variety of sizes. This holsters can be found on amazon.

Conceal Carry Vest For Summer

Wearing a concealed carry vest is one of the most convenient ways to conceal a weapon in the summer, due to the fact that it’s easy to throw on a vest and it conceals weapons well. Vests can be used for military or tactical missions, but can also be used for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing, or day to day use.

Look for a vest that is breathable for the summer and is durable to conceal your item. There are tons of options on the market. One of my favorite vests for summer is made by Rothco Outback

Conceal Carry Shorts

Conceal carrying with shorts can create challenges for the daily conceal carrier, but this can be overcome. Conceal carrying during the summer months means less clothing layers. Wearing a coat during the hot summer months is out of the wardrobe. Conceal carry strategy must be adjusted in the summer to fit the summer wardrobe. Fortunately companies make shorts that are designed specifically for conceal carrying in the summer. Things to look for in concealed carry shorts are breathability, functionality and of course reviews.

Whether you have cargo shorts or daisy duke shorts, you can carry inside the waistband or outside the waistband. Some of the most popular ways to conceal carry with shorts are by using compression shorts, specially designed concealed carry holster, belts and shorts specifically designed for durability and concealment. Below is a list of top products used by people to make concealed carry with shorts easy.

Top Conceal Carry Shorts Products

Graystone Concealed Carry Men’s Gun Holster Compression Shorts – Concealment Spandex Shorts with Two Pockets CCW Clothing (click to check price on Amazon) – These compression shorts offer an easy quick draw.  They are a durable product that can be machined wash.

5.11 Men’s Tactical Shorts (click here to check Amazon price)  These shorts have an action waist for fit and comfort. These shorts have some of the most positive reviews for conceal carry shorts on amazon. 

ComfortTac Holster (click here to see Amazon price) – This holster is a one size fits all and can be adjusted to fit specific sizes.  In addition the gun holster can be adjusted to carry gun in any position on the waistband. 

Conceal Carry Leather Gun Belt (click here to check Amazon pricing) – Durable belt specifically designed for concealed carry.  Best reviewed gun belt on Amazon.

Try a Smaller Gun

I find in the summer I am wearing less clothes. Wearing less clothes often means less options to conceal carry during the summer. In addition it provides less room to hide bulkier items. A smaller weapon will conceal easier and means less wear on your belt.

Use a Car Holster

If possible carry on your body or have your gun on you. But another option is to use a car holster in your car. There are a variety of options for car holsters from holster to mini safes that mount in a car.

Carry Off Body

Carry off body is one of my favorite options as it is often most comfortable. I love using a concealed carry backpack. For something smaller, a concealed carry sling bag work great as well. This eliminates the discomfort of having the gun on my body, but still allows it to be on me. Keep in mind that carrying off body can reduce slightly the accessibility of your gun.

Inside The Waistband

This is another favorite option of mine for the summer. This type of holster is very popular, which leaves tons of options to choose from. Amazon has a large selection of these types of holster that have great reviews. My favorite due to comfort and functionality is the Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster.

Belly Band

Another great option is using a belly band. One of my favorite things about a belly band is that is is so functional and versatile as well as comfortable. You can wear it in almost any situation whether it be in the office or to the gym. Keep in mind that because the belly band wraps around your body it can hold in heat. Which can at times feel hot during the summer. I have found when I don’t wear it for extended periods of time, it doesn’t get too hot during the summer. This is one of my favorite belly bands on Amazon.

Underwear Carry

To be honest I was surprised by this method when I first saw it. But after doing research. I have found that it’s actually a really cool option to conceal carry during the summer. A few of the most popular ways to underwear carry is first underwear spandex compression shorts. Second, is wearing an Under Armour type shirt such as a tank top or compression shirt. there are tons of options on the market to choose from. Below are a few of my favorite choices.

Graystone Compressions Conceal Shorts

Ac Undercover Concealed Carry Shirt

All in all, be safe conceal carrying during the summer. Hopefully these tips were helpful for you. Checkout our guide on how to conceal carry in sweatpants.

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