Does my Conceal Carry Transfer When Moving?

I recently moved from Idaho to Utah for work.  When I moved I was left wondering whether or not I would still be able to legally conceal carry in the state of Utah.  Idaho is a fairly relaxed state when it comes to conceal carry.   With people moving from state to state quiet frequently its important to understand local laws when it comes to conceal carry. Each conceal carry permit varies on reciprocity from state to state.  Reciprocity is what states honor a concealed weapons permit. For example, my concealed weapons permit is from the state of Idaho.  Utah honors a concealed weapons permit from the state of Idaho.

Check Your New States Reciprocity

If I were to move from Idaho with my concealed weapons permit to Boston, Boston does not reciprocate a concealed carry permit from the state of Idaho. If you are moving during the summer we have great tips and top products for conceal carry during the summer here. When moving to a different state, you need to first check the reciprocity for that state.  Fortunately you can use this map from USA Carry to see each states reciprocity.  (click here to see states that honor your conceal permit).

Check To See If You Need to Register Your Guns

Gun Registration varies from state to state.  Most states do not require gun registration, but their are a few that require gun registration.  For example California, Massachusetts, and New York tend to have stricter gun laws and require gun registration.  Failure to do so, can result in legal charges against you.  Check with your local enforcement agency for the best answer regarding concealed weapons laws for your new state.

Check Your New States Gun Restrictions

Similar to gun registration, gun restrictions are fairly limited, although states such as New York, Massachusetts, and California can have specific gun restrictions.  For example the state of New York has a limit to the amount of rounds a magazine can hold.  If magazines hold too much ammo this would require simply getting new magazines for your weapon.

conceal carry transfer

Check to See if Your New State Allows Your Weapons

Check your new states local laws for weapons that may be restricted by the state.  Most states have little to no restrictions regarding the weapon’s citizens may own in the state. It is important to understand if you can conceal carry across state lines before traveling.

From time to time states limit the weapons people can own.  For Example the state of Maryland has restrictions on specific hand guns that people can own.  This is a crazy thing for the state to do because criminals are not going to check a list to ensure their firearm is legal in the state of Maryland.  I recommend contacting your new states local law enforcement office for further direction on limits to ownership of any weapons that may be in place.

Moving to Another State With Guns

With the current state of the country, the thought of moving guns to another state can be daunting. Each state can have different rules and guidelines meaning every time you enter another state you will likely have new laws and rules to worry about.

Some thing to keep in mind are state and local laws, packing safely, FOPA and talking to your moving company if you plan to use one.

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