Concealed Carry At Work | 2020

I conceal carry when I’m running errands or driving here and there near my home. A few months ago I started a new job, and was not sure if my new company allows concealed carrying in the workplace. In addition I moved to a new state so this added additional questions as to whether or not I can carry in the workplace. After further research this is what I found. 

Generally, concealed carry at work is legal. Although States have the authority to pass laws to prohibit conceal carrying in the workplace.  In addition the Federal government prohibits concealed carrying in specific locations. Because Workplaces are often private property, this gives companies the authority to create policies to prohibit firearms at work.  

It is important to be aware of various factors when trying to understand if or how to conceal carry at work.

What You Need To Know To Concealed Carry At Work

  1. Company & Building Management Policies
  2. Does Your State Prohibit Conceal Carrying At Work
  3. Federal laws
  4. Can The Weapon Be On You The Entire Time At Work
  5. Can A Weapon Be Stored In Your Car

Few States prohibit conceal carrying at work, but it is important to be aware of other factors that can impact your ability to conceal carry at work.

Company & Building Management Policies

If a state allows Concealed Carry Permits, companies are required to notify employees whether or not they are allowed to conceal carry in the workplace. Companies often notify employees of this by posting signs around the company building. This can sometimes be in the employee handbook. To better understand what a company does or does not allow when it comes to concealed carrying in the workplace it is best to talk to the building manager or HR. 

Does Your State Prohibit Conceal Carrying At Work

Concealed carry at work is most often permitted by States. Although sometimes states have specific locations that are prohibited to carry a firearm on. For example states can often prohibit firearm carrying on school locations, government buildings and more.  

With special permits sometimes people are allowed to still conceal carry on these prohibited locations for example a police officer may be able to still concealed carry a weapon on a school where a regular citizen may not be able to.

Keep in mind that  companies often share a building with other companies. Although a company policy may allow concealed carrying at work. Oftentimes the building management have their own policy that would override a company’s policy as other companies share that building as well.

Check with the building manager and ensure that your state does not prohibit concealed carrying at your workplace. Ensure your workplace is not included in the list of federally banned locations for carrying firearms.

Federal Laws

The federal government Has designated areas where weapons are banned, even with a permit. Some of these locations include schools, government buildings, Universities, churches and more. Ensure that your specific workplace is not included in this list This list can be seen at usconcealedcarry.

Can The Weapon Be On You the Entire Time at Work?

Some workplace environments  make it difficult to conceal a weapon on the body all the time. For example I used to work in landscaping and with the amount of movement, having a weapon on me at all times would be really uncomfortable. Plenty of work environments have locker spaces or locations where staff members place their jackets as well as personal things. Some areas are more difficult to have a firearm.

Can a Weapon Be Stored in Your Car?

When concealed carrying in a car I like to avoid leaving a firearm in my car unattended. Storing a firearm in a car can be risky as it leaves room for people to steal the weapon. But sometimes Situations arise where a firearm needs to be left in the vehicle.

For example a few weeks ago I was going to a school campus and had to leave a firearm in my car. I used a car holster to store the firearm. Sometimes I use a lock box as well. Be aware that some state laws can prohibit storing weapons and vehicles. So be sure to check up on state laws

Advocating For Concealed Carry in the Office

In some areas concealed carriers in the workplace is legal by law. Although companies do not allow carrying a concealed firearm in the workplace. 

In this case it may be worth reaching out to management to advocate for concealed carry in the office. Oftentimes people do not understand the value or benefit of concealed carry in the workplace. It really comes down to whether or not you’re comfortable doing so. 

Benefits of Having Employees Conceal Carry at Work

The ability of armed employees being able to defend themselves and their co-workers can be seen as a vital asset. We see news stories time and time again of companies being robbed at gunpoint.

We sometimes see new stories of individuals that are able to defend themselves and their companies from armed robbers. But there are two sides to this.  concealed carry at work and also be seen as a greater risk than a benefit. 

Can You Conceal Carry at Work

It really depends on your specific circumstance. Be sure to look into state, federal, company and building management policies to ensure you can conceal carry at work. Stay safe.

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