Concealed Carry In Your Car

I was recently driving in my car and had my gun on me.  I have a concealed carry permit, but the thought came to me, what is the best way to conceal carry in a car? 

There are so many different ways to conceal carry in a car.  Methods can vary depending on the type of vehicle, weather etc. This caused me to do some research to find the best methods to concealed carry in a car. 

Best Way to Concealed Carry In a Car

  • Know Your State Laws
  • Pick the right car holster
  • Secure the Firearm
  • Keep Your Gun Readily Available
  • Safety First

Concealed carrying in a car creates added responsibilities for an individual.  Carrying a gun in my home has less risk and laws to be aware of. Depending on the area you live in, seeing a weapon in a persons car can be alarming and cause unwanted attention.  

Living in Idaho for sometime, seeing a weapon on a person or in their vehicle I wouldn’t think twice. But if I was in New york or in a big city and saw a weapon, this may be alarming.  

Concealed carrying a handgun on your body often involves having the gun close on your body, easily accessible.  But concealed carrying in a car means it will not likely be on your body. This brings added challenges. 

One challenge I find is ensuring the weapon can’t be seen by others. Depending on the size of the car, depends on whether or not people can see certain areas of the vehicle.  

Know Your State Gun Laws

Caution Sign

Concealed carrying when I lived in Idaho was relaxed in comparison to other states.  When I moved to Utah, my initial thought was I can conceal carry in my car in utah and not have to worry about changes in law.  I began looking into utah laws and quickly found differences in the law. In fact, I found that I could get into a lot of legal trouble by not following certain laws specific to utah.  

It is imperative to know your gun laws specific to your state.  This can be done by calling the local police department and asking them what is and isn’t allowed when conceal carrying in a car.

Not knowing your state laws when conceal carrying in your car also leaves police officers vulnerable.  It is very important to make law enforcement aware that you have a weapon in the car, even if you are not required to.  States often require a permit or license to conceal carry a weapon. 

Another item to check is whether your state allows you conceal carry loaded.  Ensure you have the permit/license at all times. Remember, law enforcement will not take excuses, it is vital that you know the local laws. 

Be mindful of places you are traveling that may or may not allow weapons.  Traveling to a gun range is a safe bet for allowing weapons.

Pick the Right Car Holster 

That’s right, picking the right car holster is vital. Be sure to pick a holster mount that fits your gun and car.  A few things to keep in mind when looking for the right holster are accessibility, fit to your weapon, fit your car and positioning.  

Accessibility is key when conceal carrying in a car.  If something were to happen and you went on the defensive end.  A gun that is not easily accessible could be of little use to you.  Carry a holster in your car when possible.

Secure the Firearm

The Last thing you want is a gun that is rattling or bouncing around the vehicle.  A gun that is not secure is more likely to misfire. Ensure the placement of your gun in the vehicle is secure. Sometimes you may drive to places that don’t allow weapons.  

I recommend taking your weapon with you when leaving the car if possible or the law permits.  If not, I highly recommend using a lock box of some sort in your vehicle.  

Ensure the weapon is out of sight. Car thefts are notorious for happening when thieves can see valuable through a window.  Just about every person I have talked to that had their car broken into was because the burglar could see a purse or some sort of valuable through the car window.  

Another option is placing the firearm in a glove box that locks or in the center console.  A compartment that locks is preferred. If I dont have my lock box in my car and can’t conceal carry in a bank or prohibited area locked glove box is the next best option.  Amazon sells some really good lock boxes that lock around the vehicle with a metal wire to prevent people from getting to the gun or stealing the box entirely.  

Keep The Gun Readily Available

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind.  We conceal carry in a car in the case that we need to defend ourselves.  Or maybe there is another reason. It may be to simply transport the weapon from one place to another.  Keep in mind your intention for conceal carrying in the car. If you don’t feel it is for a defensive reason and may not need it quickly, a lock box may be a good option.  

Safety First

Wear your seat belt of course. No but seriously, one of the best ways to be safe when concealed carrying in a car is to know your state laws and complete a handgun training.  Tons of businesses offer safety training for handling weapons.  

At the minimum take one course to understand the basics of concealed carrying if you haven’t already.  Be aware of your surroundings is key.  

It is easy to forget or get casual when concealed carrying in a car.  Be cautious of people seeing your gun. Be respectful to law enforcement if the situation arises that you come in contact with them.  If you park your car and are taking your gun with you, be aware of people around you.  

Where To Put Gun in Car?

There are plenty of areas to put your gun in a car. It is important to keep in mind accessibility and security.  These are some of the most popular places to put guns in a car: 

  • Glove box
  • Center console
  • Lock box under the seat
  • Car holster under the steering wheel
  • Car holster between the driver’s seat and center console
  • Car holster in front of the driver’s seat
  • Drivers door side compartment
  • Trunk of car

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