7 Best Range Bags For The Shooting Range

Range Bag

Range Bags have become more and more popular over the years. Range bags first started becoming popular for people competing in competitions. But more and more casual shooters are reaping the benefits of range bags.

So what’s all the buzz with range bags? Why not just use a duffel bag? Range bags are specifically designed for holding weapons and accessories. They are the best for storing and transporting handguns and all your shooting accessories. Instead of wasting time digging through your unorganized mess when you reach the shooting range, all you gear in neatly organized and easily accessible when you arrive.

Be mindful that not all shooting range bags are created equal. There are a ton of options for shooting range bags from expensive, cheap, large small etc. We listed some of the best range bags on the market for your money.

Best Handgun Range Bags

  1. Osage River Tactical Range Bag
  2. Orca Tactical Range Bag
  3. 5.11 Tactical Range Bag
  4. GunMate Pistol Range Bag
  5. Smith And Wesson M&P Pro Tac
  6. Case Club Waterproof 2 Range Bag
  7. G.P.S Handgunner Range Bag

Osage River Tactical Range Bag

Features 9 spacious compartments and two adjustable dividers to organize your gear.

Constructed with heavy duty zippers and durable 600D ballistic nylon to protect your gear from wear and tear

Includes 5 external zippered pockets; the 2 large pockets for magazines, ammunition, and accessory storage

Secure your handguns with the 2 removable pistol pouches; bag includes a shoulder strap and handle carry options.

The Osage River Tactical range bag gets our vote for the best bag for the money. This bag is hard to beat for the price made of durable material and well designed storage for ease of access.

One of the main attractions to this range bag is the lifetime warranty that is offered. If you bag is not working or doesn’t provide the requirements you need, the company will refund you. This offers peace of mind for people looking to buy a range bag.

With just over 1,600 product reviews, this is one of the most reviewed range bags on the market. This range bag can be viewed here on Amazon.

Orca Tactical Range Bag

The Orca offers large storage in a compact size. This is a great starter range bag for room to grow into. This bag is one of the more durable range bags on the market. Offers heavy duty military grade material made from 600D polyester material.

The ORCA tactical Gun Range Bag is double stitched at stress points for extra durability. Includes high quality zippers with nylon pulls that are rust resistant and specially coated to for water resistant and scratch proof. Another thing I like about this range bag is that it is built with security in mind. The range bag includes high quality lockable zippers on both side pouches. The zippers are designed to work with luggage locks. Keep in mind the range bag does not come with a locking mechanism.

Another thing I really like about this range bag is the functionality of the main pocket which includes a removable divider. In addition includes plenty of padded and compartments to store guns concealed carry knives and more.

This is a great choice if you are looking for a heavy duty range bag with plenty of space that offers a better than average functionality of space to store your belongings.

You can check out this range bag on Amazon here.

5.11 Tactical Range Bag

5.11 Tactical Range Bag

5.11 is a company based in California that is one of world’s leaders in military and law enforcement gear and equipment. What I love about 5.11 bags is they tend to be large and highly functional. This bag is no different offering plenty of space some of the best functionality I have seen in a range bag or any other bag for that matter. You can store everything from a pistol, ammo and a self defense knife.

Another thing I like about this bag is that it includes highly functional segregated padded compartments for storing several pistols. In addition it includes a drop down front flap that stores up to 8 magazines.

Keep in mind this is one of the larger range bags offered on the market. It offers much more room than the average bag on the market. Extra room is a must when packing several hand guns. But if you are looking for a more compact range bag, this may not be the best fit for you.

Overall a durable bag with plenty of storage. The extra padded shoulder strap makes it more comfortable than most. With just over 470 product reviews and 5 out of 5 stars you can’t go wrong. You can checkout reviews on Amazon here.

GunMate Pistol Range Bag

This bag may be the best bargain for your dollar. It is not the best looking bag or the most functional. But it’s simple design and look gets the job done. Measuring at 16″ W x 8″ H x 7″ D, this bag offers enough room for several pistols and a few accessories.

Another thing I like about this bag is that it includes removable hook and loop divers which allows for functionality to customize the main compartment to store items how you want. If you are looking for a faily small bag with a shoulder strap it may be worth looking at concealed carry sling bags.

All around you can’t go wrong spending just over $29 on a range bag that offers functionality, space for several hand guns, and durability. This range bags is one of the most reviewed bags with just over 1,450 product reviews. You can learn more about the bag on Amazon here.

Smith And Wesson M&P Pro Tac

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a range bag is the brand name. Not always, but most often the brand name can tell a lot about what you might expect from a bag. Smith and Wesson is a household name well respected in the Firearms industry.

With Smith and Wesson being the brains behind this range bag, you can bet the design and functionality was well thought out. This bag is designed with weather resistant, durable, ballistic fabric to withstand just about any conditions.

It is not often we see a bag that is durable plus functional. This bag just about does it all. It is highly functional allowing for plenty of space with 8 pockets, 8 pistol mag pouches & 2 13.5” x 9.5” padded. Two full length accessory pockets, a removable padded ammo bag with two adjustable hook and loop dividers to organize your gear how you want.

Last but not least the dual zippered top opening allows quick and easy access to all compartments as well as a secure fit for rugged activities.

Overall can’t go wrong with this one. Popular the range bag designed by a well known brand in the firearms industry. High quality bag with functionality to organize gear how you want. With over 215 product reviews you can learn more on Amazon here.

Case Club Waterproof 2 Range Bag

This range bag is a unique design. But with the unique design, it as unique benefits/qualities to offer. One of my favorite things about the cse club is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and is 100% water proof and dust proof.

In addition the hard case unique design keep guns and gear protected from being damaged from exterior items. Another fun fact is this case is airlined approved for checked luggage. The exterior design provides areas to add padlocks to prevent stealing of your gear.

Checkout reviews to better understand what people like about the gun range bag on Amazon here.

G.P.S Handgunner Range Bag

This is another bag that has a unique design when it comes to gun range bags. This bag design is similar to a concealed carry backpack. One of my favorite things about this bag is that the bag is designed to store just about every type of gear a person would want to take to the range. Side pockets include mag storage.

The main compartment has a removable foam insert the store four medium framed handguns. Insert allows easy access to pistols.

All in all this range bag offers space to store just about anything you would take to the range. When I am taking more items to the range it is nice to take one bag rather than feel cluttered with several bags. Designed to allow storage for up to four Handguns, twelve extra Magazines, Ammo, Shooting Glasses, Ear Protection, Targets, Stapler, Tape, Binos, Shooting mats, Cleaning Supplies all in a compact backpack.

You can See Reviews on Amazon here.

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