The Best Drop Leg Holsters: The Ultimate Guide

Drop Leg holster’s are arguably the best way to open carry a gun.  The reason being it is comfortable verse other methods of carry.  In addition drop leg holster provide accessibility vs other open carry options.  These holsters are becoming more and more of a fashion statement.  Keep in mind this holster tends to be for open carry vs conceal carry.

Are drop Leg Holsters Comfortable?

Short answer, yes it is very comfortable.  But the amount of comfort can vary slightly from brand to brand.  Drop leg holster are positioned on the leg in a way that interferes less with body movement vs other conceal carry such as the waist band or chest.

The drop leg holster was developed initially with army use in mind.  It was designed to withstand strenuous movement and be positioned on the body in a way that prevents limitation to the amount of movement.  When I am camping or shooting in the mountains, I love using a drop leg holster.  Although I wouldn’t wear this to the grocery store or a bank as it doesn’t conceal the weapon.

How to Use a Drop Leg Holster?

There are couple of common errors usually made by those using a drop leg holster for the first time. The bright side is that they can all be pretty quickly fixed and doing so will make your experience all the far better.

Common Mistakes When Using a Drop Holster

Way Too Loose

You should have the ability to fit one finger easily in between your leg band and also your pants. Or else, your holster is also loose. Which may not be a big issue if you’re simply standing. However it will yank uncomfortably on your belt and hips. And when you walk or run the gun will sway to and fro on your hips. Which is not only uncomfortable, but unsafe.

Improper Clothing

Remember that a drop leg holster is made to be worn if a hip holster isn’t sensible. Suggesting that someone putting on one will likewise be putting on a top quality tactical belt. The belt helps bear the weight of the gun and also prevent it from gliding down. Using the wrong belt will not only destroy it however it will likewise uncomfortably yank on your hips.

Wearing Your Gun too Low

One of the most common error’s is wearing your gun just over your knee. The positioning of your firearm should be just low enough that you’re able to successfully remove the equipment you are putting on when drawing it. As well as definitely no lower. Doing so will just make one leg heavier that it need to be and boost your draw distance which also lowers your draw rate.

Are there disadvantages to a Drop Leg Holster?

Short answer, ofcourse there are some drawbacks to a drop leg holster.  With the position of the weapons in the drop leg holster it easily catches on things you are walking by or objects you are carrying in your hand.  

In addition your weapon can get dirty easily as it is on your leg in the open.  If the holster isn’t tight enough, the weapon can clunk around against your body.  Sometimes people complain that if the drop leg holster is too tight it rubs up against the leg leaving it feeling uncomfortable. 

BlackHawk Omega VI Ultra Universal Light Holster (Top Rated Drop Leg Holster)

Left or Right-hand configuration

Fully adjustable drop-leg thigh holster with quick-release belt mount for quick draw and easy release. For hunters or campers, this is a great option for a leg holster.  This can also hold a blade, flashlight, flint, fishing line, compass or flare. 

The one drawback is the belt band is it is rather long, so the holster is most likely to sit a little more down on your thigh.

This drop leg holster is global, meaning it can be adapted to fit virtually any type of weapon. It consists of a rubberized inside to help reduce weapon sway. Additional pockets to fit items such as knives.

Includes three sided release buckles for a three point break away. With over 100 reviews on amazon checkout reviews on Amazon…

Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster

The Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster is desinged for optimal security to keep your weapon safe.

Here are just a few highlights on this holster:

  • ALS (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon once Holstered
  • holsters at low level
  • Simple Straight up Draw after deactivating the release
  • Standard double strap leg shroud with mounting holes for optional accessories

This holster has just 22 reviews on Amazon and 5 out of 5 stars. Check out reviews on Amazon here…

UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster – Gen II

Just about any handgun will fit this drop leg holster and fit it well. One of the most effective and snug fitting drop leg holsters on the market. Here are a few highlights:

  • Universal design for most medium to large size pistols
  • Double thumb-break security system for full control of your weapon
  • light weight
  • Deluxe non-slip holster pad
  • Fully adjustable, non-slip, and removable leg strap for comfort and retention

This holster has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. Check out reviews on Amazon here…

CONDOR Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

  • Budget-friendly Alternative
  • Comes in several color options
  • Wrap-around design that fits pistols flashlight or laser mount
  • Retention System with hook and loop strap to secure weapon
  • Fully adjustable leg strap with non-slip rubber lining and quick release buckle
  • One magazine pouch, with adjustable hook and loop flap
  • Will fit medium or large size pistol

This holster has over 900 reviews on Amazon. Check out reviews on Amazon here…

In Conclusion

Either way, you cant go wrong with whichever holster you buy.  Make sure to read reviews to spot things mentioned that other people do and don’t like about the drop leg holsters.  Reviews often include things that people frequently like or dislike about a product. This can hep you better understand if a product is right for you.

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