How to Concealed Carry in a Purse

There are many factors that go into concealed carrying with a purse and of course pros and cons. My wife wanted to better understand different options for concealed carrying. So I started to do some research on how to best conceal carry in a purse

A person can concealed carry in a purse being that their state allows conceal carry. It is important to keep the purse close at all times.  In addition use a purse that is specifically designed for concealed carry.  Let’s talk about additional things people are doing to purse carry. 

  • Keep your purse close to you at all times
  • Get a purse specifically designed for concealed carry
  • Consider getting a trigger guard
  • Practice drawing your gun
  • Removable Purse Holster
  • Concealed carry purse insert

How to Concealed Carry in a Purse

Keep Your Purse Close to You At All Times

Purse carry is considered off body carry because the firearm is not concealed on the body. Some people argue that off body carry is not safe. The reason being is that it provides more opportunity for the weapon to be taken. In addition it provides less access and takes additional time to access the weapon because it is off body. 

Although many people carry off body on a daily basis and do it safely. be sure to keep your purse close by and on you at all times. 

try doing a practice run with your purse. This can be done by carrying your purse with you for a day. Act as if you have a gun in the purse and mentally and physically practice keeping the purse near you at all times. After practicing and you feel that you are able to consistently keep the purse near you, then start having a gun in the purse.

Get a Purse Specifically Designed for Concealed Carry

Using your purse that is not designed for concealed carry can definitely work and does work for people. Although using a purse that is specifically designed for concealed carry can provide additional benefits. Some of the most common benefits of these specifically designed purses are added security, better securing the weapon, and added concealment.

My wife wanted to use her purse to conceal carry. She found that her purse did not have a designated gun compartments that would fit her weapon well. 

For this reason the weapon bounced around as she walked and moved her purse up and down. In addition the purse did not have a designated pocket to zip closed or to anchor the weapon to the purse. Some purses even offer a way to lock your gun to your purse.

Consider Getting a Trigger Guard

This is an important thing to consider for additional safety especially if you have kids. Kids can sometimes rummage through purses and take things from them. Having a trigger guard provides security for the case that a child or someone were to take the weapon out of the purse. Keep in mind having a trigger guard may decrease the accessibility of the weapon.

Practice Drawing Your Gun

It’s like the saying goes practice makes perfect. Put your weapon in your purse and practice drawing it as if you’re in a real life situation where you need to use it. Place the weapon in a position and in a pocket or area in your purse where you normally would want to. 

Then practice accessing the weapon from that particular area of your purse. In addition practice accessing your purse from different areas on your body to find what’s more comfortable. For example for someone that is right handed it may be easiest to keep the purse on the left shoulder and reach across the body with the right hand. 

Removable Purse Holster

Using a removable purse holster will better secure your weapon in your purse. In addition it allows the option to remove your weapon from your purse. Most often removable purse holsters give different options to either secure in your purse, use inside the waistband or wear on a belt. 

I like this functionality as sometimes I prefer to conceal carry in different ways. The removable purse carry holster provides that ability to have different options. Below is one of the highest rated removable purse holsters on Amazon.

Concealed Carry Purse Insert

A concealed carry purse insert is similar to a removable purse holster. Although concealed carry purse inserts often do not have the functionality to act as a holster in addition to an insert. 

Concealed carry purse inserts often help keep the weapon in place and more secure in the purse. Most often acting as a holster with in the purse. These often include Velcro or straps to secure the weapon Cherry Pocket inside the purse

This is one of my favorite concealed carry purse inserts because of its easy access and functionality.

Is Purse Conceal Carrying Safe?

If done right then yes. Although this method can be argued as not as safe or worth doing for a few reasons. The first reason being that the weapon is less accessible because of the nature of carrying the weapon off the body. Whereas if the weapon was carried on body a person could access the weapon much faster. 

Another complaint is a gun is more likely to be stolen because it is off-body. Where as if it were on body it is less likely to be stolen. It may be a lot easier for someone to grab a purse and run. 

Is Carrying a Gun in a Purse Considered Concealed?

Yes, this is often called off body carry. which is seen as another method of concealed carrying. 

If the weapon is in an outside pocket of a purse where the weapon can be seen this would not be considered concealed carry. 

Concealed carry often refers to the act of carrying a weapon when it cannot be seen. For this reason the weapon would need to be in the purse in an area where it cannot be seen by others.

Can a Woman Carry a Gun In Her Purse?

Yes. Although be mindful of local, state and federal laws to ensure you are abiding by them. Most states require a concealed carry permit to carry a weapon. If your state requires this, be sure to have a concealed carry permit and follow the state and federal laws.  

Keep in mind there are some areas that prohibit concealed carry.  More specifically be sure to check bank rules and shopping mall gun rules.  Stores and public places often have signs that state whether weapons are allowed.  

What is the Best Concealed Carry Purse?

The best concealed carry purse is a purse that conceals your weapon while keeping it secure and providing easy access. And of course a purse that looks good and is fashionable. these are some of the highest rated concealed carry purses on Amazon today. 

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