How to Conceal Carry a Knife

knife for conceal carrying

I recently bought a knife online. Then I started to think to myself how do I conceal carry a knife? One of the most nerve-wracking things is ensuring I am conceal carrying a knife the right way when in public, so I did a little research.

When Conceal carrying a knife it should be carried out of sight, so that the knife cannot be seen by other people. It is important to be aware of conceal carry knife local laws to ensure you are abiding by the law. Let’s look into what that means and what you need to do about it.

What it Means to Conceal Carry a Knife

Conceal carry is the act of carrying a weapon on the person that cannot be seen by others because it is concealed. Conceal carrying a knife is often done in public around people, but the knife cannot be seen by others. Concealing the knife gives you the advantage against would be attackers. If the fight goes to the ground a knife with easy access can be used to defend yourself.

Sometimes people carry a knife on their hip where it can be seen. This is what is often referred to as open carry. Knives can be easily taken from would be attackers. Although some people may argue that open carrying a knife will deter would be attackers. But let’s not test it to find out.

What is a Concealed Carry Knife?

A concealed carry knife is simply a knife that is concealed on a person’s body so that it cannot be seen by others. Conceal carry knives are often small and lightweight so they can be easily concealed unbeknownst to others.

What is Considered Concealed Carry For a Knife

There are many different types of knives. Kitchen knives, butter knives, bread knives, conceal carry knives, pocket knives and more. A knife is often considered a concealed carry knife when it is concealed on the body and has certain characteristics.

  • Blade length. Typically concealed carry knives are smaller in stature with 3-inch blades or less.
  • Blade shape is often double-edged and shaped in a way to cause maximum damage in case an emergency.
  • Design of knife tends to be easier to open for faster access if needed.
  • Most important concealed carry knives 10 to have features that make it easier to conceal such as clips, straps, holsters etc.

Benefits of Conceal Carrying a knife

The main benefit of carrying a knife over firearms, or other self-defense items, is that they can be easier to conceal because of their compact size. In addition I love the added protection a conceal carrying a knife provides. If something were to happen I have one of the best tools for self defense next to a gun.

Additionally cost savings vs other conceal carry tools are substantial. A decent handgun is often over seven hundred dollars. Some of the nicest conceal carry knives can be bought for less than one hundred dollars. One of my favorite benefits of conceal carrying a knife is the compact size allows for easy concealment. Most knives on the market are small and light.

Keep in mind that the compact size of the knife can sometimes make it more difficult if it is extremely small.

Where to Conceal Carry a Knife

There are a variety of areas to conceal carry a knife on your body. The most popular way is to conceal a knife in the waistband. The benefit of conceal carrying this way is that the knife is out of site and easily accessible. Most often people use a sheath when using their waist band to help protect themselves from the knife and to hold it in place. Some other common areas to conceal carry a knife are in a boot, under the shirt, in a pocket, clipped to the waist, belt and even strapped to your leg.

In terms of locations to conceal carry a knife keep in mind areas that it may be illegal. For example in some states conceal carrying a knife on school property is a felony. Your best bet is to call the local police department and ask what your laws are.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Conceal Carry a Knife

Most states do not have an age restriction, but there are laws that govern carrying a knife. A common pocket knife that is under four inches is most often legal to carry, given its not a fixed blade. Anything larger is most often illegal and considered carrying a concealed weapon.
Any knife, even a pocket knife on school property, is a felony and a very serious offense.

How to Conceal a Knife on Your Leg

I really wanted to conceal carry a knife on my leg but i wasn’t sure how to. Let’s talk about what to keep in mind and what the best options are. Something that I didn’t think about is how I would access a knife if I am conceal carrying a knife on my leg. If I am wearing pants, how do I access my leg through the pants? But sometimes people wear shorts. But if they are wearing shorts the knife can be seen. It’s kind of a catch 22.

The most popular way to conceal carry a knife on a leg is using a boot or ankle holster. This allows the knife to be concealed just under the pants on or slightly above the ankle. Keep in mind that this will not work if you are wearing shorts.

How To Know if it Is Legal to Conceal Carry a Knife

Carry laws forbid an individual from carrying, concealed or open, with certain knives. Some states even forbid an individual from concealed carry of knives that are over a certain length, although those same knives can be open carried. Other states forbid the carry of conceal knives depending on how they open. Most knives that are illegal are one that have no utility use, but are designed specifically to be a weapon to cause damage.

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