Concealed Carry For Skinny Guys

Skinny guy concealed carrying

Being a skinny guy myself, concealed carry can sometimes be tricky.  Although being skinny means less curves to get in the way when concealed carrying.  This got me thinking, what is the best way to concealed carry for skinny guys? So I started to do some research.

The most popular way for skinny guys to concealed carry is using an IWB holster.  There are various methods and techniques to keep in mind to make your conceal carrying experience most comfortable.  Let’s talk more details on additional methods that are most popular and what to look out for.

  • Getting the right Jeans or Shorts
  • Appendix carry
  • Bigger T Shirt
  • IWB Holster
  • Gun belt

How To Concealed Carry For Skinny Guys

Getting The Right Jeans Or Shorts

With more room needed in trousers to fit a gun, it is common for people to get a pant size up.  Get a pair of jeans or shorts that are two sizes up in the waist. 

For example if you wear a size 30 waist, get a size 32 waist. In addition, think about investing in a pair of pants or shorts that are designed for carry concealed.  

Another option is to get shorts or pants that have some flex to them.  This will help reduce your weapon digging into your body. Pants and shorts that have stretch to them are very popular and can be bought at almost any department store.  If you prefer tighter pants, be sure to educate yourself on how to best conceal carry with skinny jeans.

Appendix carry

Being a skinny guy myself, there is not a lot of cushion on my hips or backside.  Positioning the gun in these positions digs into my body creating an uncomfortable experience.  

Appendix carry is putting a holster in the front of the waistband, instead of carrying on the side or back of your waist.  Generally the most comfortable method is in the 4-5 oclock position.  This also provides added functionality for quick draw.  

Bigger T Shirt

This method can be one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to conceal carry for skinny guys.  One of the biggest issues/concerns when concealing a weapon is that it is noticeable to others.  Getting a shirt that is one size up can make all the difference.  

Don’t get me wrong, using a form fitting shirt can be done.  But getting a shirt a size up can make it easier and comfortable.  Keep in mind companies design shirts specifically for concealed carry. If you are up for concealed carry shirts, this can make all the difference.  

IWB Holster

IWB (inside the waistband) is a standard method for a reason.  Because this method is so popular. There are plenty of product options to choose from.  This method also works really well with belts.  

Gun belt

Just about any person that carries knows the importance of a gun belt.  A gun belt gives you the added support that your weapon, holster and supporting equipment needs.  

What to Avoid When Concealed Carrying for Skinny Guys

Comfortable pants are recommended.  Tight form fitting pants or skinny jeans will generally be a problem.  Skinny jeans will constrict the weapon and holster impacting comfort when carrying.  In addition this impacts the ease of draw.  

With that said skinny jeans for concealed carry can be easier with a  holster one size up. In addition a smaller weapon.  Full sized weapons can make it extremely difficult.  The larger the weapon and the tighter fit of the jeans provides less movement and functionality.   

Why Being Skinny For Concealed Carry Is Great

Guns are generally straight and don’t have give or pull to them.  The longer the weapon, tends to mean the more constricting it can be.  Skinny people tend to have less curves which give weapons a straight surface to rest on.  

In addition a carry holster is concealed better as it runs straight with the body.  For curvier people a pistol concealed sticks out for someone that is trained.  

Skinny people don’t have issues as often as they are able to conceal under clothing and are not restricted when looking to draw the weapon.  Initially I thought being skinny was a disadvantage when concealed carrying.  

But in fact it can be an advantage for various reasons mentioned above. The biggest concern when conceal carrying for skinny people is that the weapon shows. Stand in front of a mirror to ensure the weapon is not obvious to the eye.  

For bigger guys here is our guide for concealed carry for fat guys.

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