How To Conceal Carry Without A Holster

A few weeks ago I was traveling out of state to a relatives house. When I travel I typically take my pistol with me while driving.  Unless I am flying on an airplane. I have a few different holsters that I use or a car holster to use while driving.  

Although, this time I forgot my holsters to conceal carry.  This left me wondering how I was going to conceal carry without a holster.  So I started to research the different ways to conceal carry without a holster.  Let’s talk about some of the most popular ways to conceal carry without a holster.

Conceal carry without a holster is not recommended due to the risk of discharge of your weapon.  Although, sometimes circumstances don’t allow for holsters. if you need to conceal carry without a holster. These are some of the most popular ways to do so.  

Best Ways to Conceal Carry Without A Holster

  • Concealed Carry Backpack
  • Fanny Pack
  • Concealed Carry Jacket
  • Concealed Carry Purse
  • Tactical Undershirt

Best Ways To Conceal Carry Without a Holster

Before we start to go into detail on the best ways to conceal carry without a holster.  First it is important to remember it is very crucial to use a trigger guard. Carrying a gun without a holster provides added risk of a gun misfiring.  Holsters provide more stability for the weapon to keep it from moving around. This also makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your weapon.  

With that said here are some of the most popular ways to conceal carry without a holster.  

Concealed Carry Backpack

concealed carry backpack

Using a concealed carry backpack has become more and more popular.  Sometimes I just don’t want to conceal carry on my body with a holster.  It can be uncomfortable at times. Certain movements can cause me to feel uncomfortable or the weapon to dig into my body.

Backpacks can provide a variety of hidden pockets and locks to conceal a weapon while not having to use a holster or carry on the body. A common negative to concealed carry with a backpack is the fact that the weapon is not attached to the body.  

This can make it easier for thieves to steal.  So it is important to always be on guard. Do not let the backpack out of sight.  Try to keep it on or as close to your body as possible. Here is a list of some of my favorite backpacks.  

Fanny Pack

This is my second favorite option to conceal carry without a holster. That’s right, a fanny pack. Bringing back style from the 90’s.  Before doing research when a fanny pack came to mind I immediately got this picture of my dad walking around Disneyland in the 90’s looking like a goof ball.  But I was really surprised to see how popular fanny packs have become. More specifically the functionality, concealment, and quick access fanny packs provide.  

Most notable is how comfortable fanny packs are.  Often time holsters require reaching around the body for a weapon or the leg, shoulder etc. Fanny packs are right smack in front of the body for easy access.  

Concealed Carry Jacket

concealed carry motorcycle jacket

Third favorite way to conceal carry without a holster is using a conceal carry jacket. There are a variety of jackets to choose from such as winter jackets, motorcycle concealed carry jackets, rain jackets etc.

This method without a holster is very important to use a trigger guard.  This method of carry often uses a pocket to conceal the pistol which allows the weapon to move around. A trigger guard will help minimize the chance of the weapon misfiring.  I live in an area that can get cold in the winter and rain. I like that concealed carry jackets prevent the rain and moisture from getting my weapons wet.

Some things I don’t like about this style of carry is the amount a weapon can move around. Depending on how warm of a jacket I use, when I get inside I sometimes need to take my jacket off.  This leaves me with trying to ensure my jacket is always close by. I try to buy jackets that are more of a neutral temperature so I can wear them in doors as well. 

Concealed Carry Purse

This is my wife’s favorite choice to conceal carry without a holster.   Let’s talk about benefits and cons to this method. Accessibility can be valuable.  For example if you are walking in a dark alley at night you can have your hand in your purse while walking.  

This honestly can just add peace of mind.  I always like to remember a purse can be a big target for people to steal.  So it is important to be on guard at all times. If there is a gun in your purse, treat it like a bag that has a million dollars in it.  

Concealed Carry Undershirt

Another favorite method to conceal carrying without a holster is using a undershirt. Concealed carry undershirts can vary by shirt.  But they often provide pockets or similiar to what a holster would be on the shirt. What I like about these types of shirts is they can be worn year round, versaille, and great for just about everyone.

Because of the light weight and breathability, the shirt can be worn in hot or cold weather.  The shirts are form fitting to fit different body types. Using a trigger guard for this method is a must for added security. 

Something I am not a huge fan of for this method is the accessibility.  Because the weapon is held in place by an undershirt, it would require moving my jacket and or shirt out of the way to access the weapon.  This method is on the lower end for accessibility.  


Remember it is crucial to use a trigger guard when not conceal carrying with a holster.  If you can, use a holster some popular holsters are IWB holster, shoulders holster etc. If not, find some solid alternatives to hold your gun and be safe. 

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