How Concealed Carry Insurance Works

Countless Americans across the country are concealed carrying every single day. Concealed carrying can come with a lot of benefits and peace of mind. Although It can also come with risks especially from a legal and financial standpoint. Fortunately people have the ability to get concealed carry Insurance to limit some of that legal/Financial Risk.  

  • What is concealed carry insurance?
  • How does concealed carry insurance work?
  • Do you need insurance for concealed carry?
  • How much does CCW insurance cost on average?
  • Is CCW Insurance worth the money? 
  • Am I required to have concealed carry insurance?
  • Does concealed carry insurance cover loss of gun or damage gun? 

What is Concealed Carry Insurance?

Concealed Carry for gun owners has become more and more popular throughout the country. More and more people are using concealed carry insurance. CCW insurance is essentially a self-defense insurance that provides legal protection benefits Tucson one that may have to use force in a self-defense or home defense incident.

This can be seen to be similar to something along the lines of car insurance. CCW insurance is not used unless some sort of incident happens most often a home defense or self-defense incident. 

Policies can vary slightly but most often they include coverage for legal representation and defense in the event but you’re part of a criminal investigation. Unfortunately after self-defense incidents where that concealed carrier was not at fault, the surviving family of the would be criminal can and often do sue for damages. And sometimes they even win. 

How Does Concealed Carry Insurance Work?

Now we understand what CCW insurance is. The question is how in the world does it work? Similar to car insurance or other types of insurance, CCW Insurance  can vary depending on plans offered or the company providing the insurance. An additional policy can vary depending on the amount of coverage the policyholder selects.

Concealed carry Insurance can provide benefits Beyond Financial. For example they sometimes provide access to lawyers that specialize in civil defense coverage.  In addition access to a citizens legal defense network. Like most insurance policies, be sure to read through the fine print, amount of coverage you’ll be receiving. 

It is best to be aware of all of your local laws when it comes to concealed carrying a firearm in self-defense. This will help ensure you do not get in a situation where you need to use CCW insurance.

Do You Need Insurance For Concealed Carry?

This is a great question. This is similar to the question: do you need car insurance? The chances are you will not be in a situation where you need to act on self-defense or some sort of Home Defense. 

There is always a chance. The fact that someone has a weapon for self-defense or home defense says that they are preparing for the event that something were to happen. Insurance will provide added protection yeah. 

Some additional things to keep in mind is how often are you concealed carrying? For people that concealed carry frequently to grocery stores and their cars UTC. CCW Insurance Maybe more worth it as they are susceptible to situations that may arise more frequently. 

Although someone that never concealed carries outside their house, may feel it is less worth having CCW insurance as the odds of a situation arising is much smaller. At the end of the day it really comes up to your decision and whether you feel it would be worth it.

How Much Does CCW Insurance Cost on Average?

CCW insurance most often costs anywhere from $16-$42 a month depending on the amount of coverage you select.  Gun University is one of the most popular places to get CCW insurance.

What Does CCW Insurance Include?

CCW Insurance can vary slightly from policy to policy. But in general CCW Insurance often includes a criminal defense maximum payout. 

Civil defense max payout. You can either pick your own attorney or they select one for you. Money up front. In addition some sort of per diem. Below are a few examples of what CCW insurance policies often cover 100%.

  • Civil defense coverage
  • Criminal defense 
  • Administrative defense
  • Private Investigators
  • Expert witness
  • Attorney fees

Can I be Sued If I Use My Concealed Carry Weapon In Self Defense?

Yes. In fact people are often sued after Self defense situations. Even if you were found innocent in a criminal court and are it is a justified use of force. You can still face the possibility of being sued and losing your home, your car, and financial assets. In addition having to pay bail bonds.  Some people have to pay bail bonds upwards of a million dollars.

Am I Required to Have Concealed Carry Insurance?

At this point in time people are not required to have CCW insurance. This is often talked about as potentially being a future requirement for concealed carrier’s to have CCW insurance. Be sure to keep updated on your concealed carry permit laws.

Does Concealed Carry Insurance Cover Loss of Gun or Damage to Gun? 

No. CCW Insurance often covers legal or financial matters when a self-defense incident arises. Although homeowners or renters insurance may cover the theft of a weapon. Be sure to record information regarding your weapon. For example make a model and serial number.

Does My Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance Cover Me in a Self-Defense Situation? 

The short answer is probably not. But a quick way to find out is to give your insurance agent a call and ask. Sometimes insurance policies have a wrongful act clause. Which can be used at times for situations similar to self defense. 

Is CCW Insurance Worth The Money? 

The chances of you being in a self-defense incident or home defense incident is probably slim. But there is a chance it will arise  This can be viewed similar to life insurance. It is important to weigh the above-mentioned and your risks. 


In addition to having CCW Insurance, what is really important is understanding your local gun laws. also be aware of laws pertaining to Home Defense with a weapon. It is important to understand what is and is not legal when needing to defend your home from would-be burglars. Laws can vary from state to state.  

Being aware of your local laws and having CCW insurance can provide added protection from legal and financial damages due to a self-defense or home defense situation. 

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