Best CCW Magazine Holster

In todays day and age their are many different ways to carry extra ammunition.  On eof the most popular ways is to use a ccw magazine holster.  We are going to talk about the different styles and brands of CCW magazine holsters.  In addition different methods of carrying magazine holsters.

Why Just About Everyone is Getting a Magazine Holster

Using a semi-automatic is usually a more prominent alternative for concealed carriers. With little effort, you can bring a relatively substantial quantity of ammo in a tiny bundle.

One of the other major benefits of this is, of course, the capacity to rapidly refill ought to you require to

Currently, to be completely sensible the probability of ever requiring to reload your weapon in a defensive circumstance is really, extremely reduced. Clear statistics aren’t actually around, but there is a basic agreement that the majority of defensive weapons utilizes do not involve considerable gunfights.

Nevertheless, the chance of ever really having to pull your weapon is low to begin with.

With this in mind, we all still hide carry– fix? We bring because it’s a right, and also because if we ever before fall under that statistical outlier of remaining in a violent circumstance we want a method to safeguard ourselves.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve always discovered it strange that half the weapon neighborhood seems to think to carry an additional publication makes you are a mall ninja.

Yes, it is superbly unlikely I’ll ever before need an additional magazine. Nevertheless, it’s wonderfully unlikely that I, a normal, honest, reluctantly-tax-paying resident will certainly ever before require my weapon, however I bring it anyways.

The same goes for an extra publication. Perhaps it’s just from my time as a Machine Artilleryman in the Marine Corps, but extra ammo is constantly better than less ammunition in my basic grunt mind.

More Reasons to Carry a Magazine Holster

The various factors to carry an extra magazine is in instance of malfunctions.

Firstly, publications fail. Some more than others, but it can and does happen. In a scenario where you have a magazine malfunction, you don’t have time to try and fix the publication.

Drop it and also reload with your spare.

An added publication makes it much easier to recover from a malfunction and also to come back into the battle and can assist in getting rid of almost any challenging breakdown.

If you get a difficult breakdown like a double feed, the most effective thing to do to fix the scenario is to eliminate the magazine to get rid of the malfunction.

It’s quicker to drop the publication, clear the malfunction, and then refill with a fresh mag. Plus you currently have much more rounds on tap.

Bring an added publication isn’t hard, it’s much easier than trying to bring a gun, and also not that much various than bring a swiss army knife. Considering that most weapons include two or more mags anyway it simply appears like common sense to bring one added.

The 5 Desirable Features of a CCW Mag Holster

Hidden carry mag holsters, like holsters, are available at truly any type of top quality and also cost point. Some out there are far better fit for variety usage, or to make use of when capturing airsoft guns. Others are much better fit for tactical usage.

In the middle someplace we have CCW mag owners designed for concealed carry. There are 5 features I think every CCW mag holder needs to have to work and worth the loan.

Easy to Conceal

The secret to a CCW mag holder is the cancer in CCW. C being concealed certainly. Your publication pouch needs to be easy to hide.

There are a few options for concealed carry and also adhere to most holster configurations. This includes IWB, OWB, as well as pocket bring techniques. Some systems are a lot more fit for task belts as well as are typically bigger, as well as much easier to accessibility for certain.

Nonetheless, when endured the belt they tend to print a helluva whole lot more than a purpose-built concealed carry magazine bag. Generally a pocket or IWB choice is normally extremely easy to hide bring.

A concealable OWB choice is typically made to be held tight to the body and also can ride high if used up and down. Horizontal is an additional hidden carry choice with OWB that’s a bit strange, however incredibly reliable.

Easy to Use

Reduce of use usually describes how easy it is to draw the magazine from the pouch. This needs to do more with what standard the user agrees to train to. If you want an energetic retention gadget you’ll need to train to conquer it.

You’ll need a model that is suitably sized for your handguns publication. Take a look at these Glock magazines. They are the same size, yet certainly, one is way longer than the other.

If your publication is as well long the weight of the ammunition will certainly make it unstable, as well as easily befall of the bag. If it’s as well brief it will certainly be virtually difficult to eliminate the magazine effortlessly. So bear in mind to locate a suitably sized publication bag.


The last thing you intend to take place while carrying an added mag is for the bag to damage. Especially if you invested tough made money on it. Concealed bring mag bags are subjected to whatever you are revealed to.

This includes your sweat, rain, differing temperature levels, in addition to lots of movement, vibration, and anxiety. So you intend to get one that’s made to last, from a product that’s resistant to these stressors.

The best materials are normally leather and also polymers, but a couple of top quality artificial towel products options out there.


Last but not least, like any kind of gun holster, a mag bag requires to be comfortable while being carry hidden. Sharp edges and unpleasant products are a huge no-go, as are ill-placed joints. You need something comfy if you are going to be bring it limited to your body.

If it’s not comfy then you will not carry it. If you do not bring it, it wears.

IWB, OWB or Pocket?

So there are 3 main ways to carry an added magazine. Just like a gun, you can carry it inside the waist (IWB), outside the waistband (OWB) and also Pocket carry. There are extra choices, like the mag pouches constructed right into particular shoulder holsters or connected to IWB Appendix holsters.

Today, nevertheless, we are going to talk about the magazine bags that are independent of holsters. The most usual CCW Mag owners are the designs provided above.


IWB publication owners use one of the most concealment, particularly mag bags that can be worn with a tucked in shirt. These are called tuckable choices. Given that they being in the waist they usually have incredibly effective passive retention devices.

The disadvantages to IWB carry is a lot of individuals discover it uneasy in general. I’m exceptionally particular concerning IWB carry and also only depend on a few companies to truly give me a comfy choice. That could simply be the rate I pay for a tactical fat individual.

Your mileage may differ.


OWB is my recommended style of hiding an extra ammo bag, and my gun, and my blade. I discover it to be one of the most comfortable and quickest to gain access to. Certainly, to do so I need to bid farewell to an embeded tee shirt.

Outside the waistband, carry is one of the most popular alternative for publication bags and what you’ll typically find the most options in. OWB alternatives need to be made to hide since lots of are produced tactical applications.

You’ll also locate both energetic and passive retention options in this classification. As for I realize this is the only category that includes energetic retention options.

Pocket carry

Like a handgun, you don’t intend to throw a magazine in your pocket as well as call it a day. The dirt, grime, and dust in your pocket will make you instantly regret that choice. It’ll gum a publication up quite quick without a popper pocket carry mag bag.

This method of bring is gaining heavy steam due to ease. Unlike a pistol, almost all magazines can be pocket carried. There are a wide range of pocket carry choices as well as it’s an extremely comfortable method to carry.

The downside being reaching right into your pocket is not as always feasible in some positions. Trying to go into my left-hand pocket while kneeling simply isn’t gon na take place.

Some Modest Choices

If you are wanting to for a hidden carry mag owner I have a couple of pointers. I’ll suggest details versions, however the companies I’m suggesting as a whole create extremely high-quality mag bags, so do not hesitate to check out the various other choices they generate.

Gould and Goodrich

If you are a classic natural leather lover you can’t fail with Gould and Goodrich. They create amazing holsters as well as amazing magazine bags. They do have a focus on OWB mag bags as well as offer versions with both energetic and also passive retention.

For Hidden carry, I would certainly recommend the Gold Line Single Mag case. This natural leather mag pouch is very flexible and includes an adjustable tension device that will certainly enable you to carry virtually any kind of double stack magazine. This is an OWB device and also is reduced low enough to access a small publication.

This simple little situation is quite budget friendly, easy to use, and simplistic.

The Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Double Mag Pouch

I as a rule typically keep away from a lot of artificial towel based anything when it involves hidden carry.  Blue Pressure Equipment does it ideal with almost everything they do, so I trust them.

Their 10 Speed Mag bag is made from a combination of ULTRAcomp and 10 rate elastic. The Elastic front allows you to utilize almost any publication, be it a solitary pile, or a double pile.

It’s an OWB choice and also can be used vertically or horizontally. Horizontal carry is extremely simple to hide, and rather user-friendly once you train with it. Blue Force Equipment makes great things and also this CCW Mag holder is no various.

Desantis Mag Load

Desantis makes some quite awesome pocket holsters for weapons. When in my day job work outfit I use one to conceal carry my little Walther. The Desantis Mag pack is made from the same artificial product they make their holsters from.

This product is textured to maintain it in the pocket when you draw the publication from. This mag bag fills your front pocket and provides the magazines at an outstanding angle for easy illustration. The Desantis Mag bag is also quite cost effective, and the design naturally breaks up the synopsis of the publication.

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